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From ArchAngel Michael: When You Need Me...

I have asked Lacey to ask me a question today to write about but it occurs to me that perhaps you have a general question you would like to ask me about as well! Please do not hesitate to ask here as there is nothing that you are thinking of that someone else is not probably questioning as well. I would love to hear from you!

Lacey's question today is "I know I can feel you, Michael, because I can hear you. How can someone who is not connecting directly with Spirit know that you are there with them, particularly when they are afraid?"

I LOVE this question! It is very hard to hear me or feel my presence when you are very afraid so I am going to ask you to do something that will feel unnatural at first but that will serve you well if you can do it! I am asking you, when you feel afraid or about to panic, to stop, take a physical step back, and breathe in and out four times. Yes. I know that will feel counterintuitive but I tell you it is important physically to tell yourself to stop, take that step back, and then breathe! Once that is done, ask for me and trust you will feel me. I want you to raise your face to the sky and ask for me by name. Ask to feel my presence. Whether you feel me or not, I promise you that I will be there with you. If you will but put your hand out, I will take it and hold it. You will not be alone for I will be there with you and where I am, Father is as well.

Know that I am available to you at all times. You do not have to be afraid or about to panic but I am frequently called upon to protect you; hence, Lacey's question in that format. You can call me anytime using the manner above. I hear you, whether you hear me or not, and I will be with you.

Now, what general question would YOU like to ask me and Lacey will use it in a future blog post! I can't wait to hear what is on your mind here. Know that anything you ask will help others to learn as well so please do not be hesitant.

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