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Tiger: One Day, I Will Be Free!

What powerful readings! I cannot tell you how magnificent these beings are! They are so physically huge but their personalities are just as big as they are. What an honor for me.

Tiger is the largest of the cat species. It can reach up to 11' and weigh up to 660 pounds! They are the only cat species member that is striped even to their skin. Tigers live solitary lives except when the mothers are raising young. The young will usually stay with the mother for two years. I was surprised to learn that their night vision is six times greater than ours. Tiger, being an apex predator, is responsible for keeping the balance in their ecosystems.

When I spoke with Tiger, I first spoke to a representative from his species then I spoke with an individual tiger.

When speaking with another species, it is proper to address them by their species' name. The representative for this species was a beautiful creature. Tiger was happy to share a message with each of you today.

Collective Representative:

Greetings to all who will read of me and of mine. I am happy to be able to speak with you directly. I would like to commend you now for your efforts to work with my species. It takes great courage to be able to work with a species that has been so feared through so many years! We only want to coexist with you. It has never been our plan to cause a problem for man but it has been hard to work with you as you have encroached upon our habitat.

Know that we are aware, as a species, of the movements within mankind to honor us and we are greatly appreciative. We have been here for many years and would like to remain. While we seem fierce to you, we really just want to be left alone. We live our days in solitude, enjoying our world as it is. We are not known for hunting man and it has never been our purpose. Instead, we want to exist in peace.

Thank you, Lacey, for a chance to speak with your readers. Our hope is that we can all learn to live together. And so it is.


I was next given a living tiger in an Asian zoo. I was told that it would be better for me to speak with one that did not have the nice habitats that most zoos provide here in America. This zoo is a small zoo in an Asian city. There is not enough funding for a nice habitat. This tiger is kept in a large cage, larger than most at the zoo, but definitely not a habitat.

I am here now to speak for my brethren, my entire family and species. I am aware you have already spoken to our representative but I am glad to be able to speak for all those in captivity upon our earth at this time. Please note that I say "our" earth because it is indeed our home as well as yours.

I am aware of why I am in captivity. I am aware that I am quite literally taking one for my team, so to speak. It gives me great pleasure for others to see me and learn of our magnificence. I consider myself a teacher. I would far rather be in the wild but the zoo here has provided a safety for me that I doubt I would have had in the wild here.

For now, I am happy to educate humans. I am happy to live in peace. I am aching to run free and just be able to run, period, but my keepers provide me with all they can. I am not to be trusted as I am anxious a great deal of the time. My keepers provide me with toys and even water but it is not close to what I could have had with my freedom. Even so, I am making the best of this situation. I look forward to seeing those who come to see me and all those here in the zoo. There are many (other animals) that are unhappy to be here but I would say that there are also many, like me, who are protected here. I try to remember that and keep my anxious feelings at bay. I know that I am just frustrated with the situation but it does no good to stay that way. Instead, I watch the blue sky. I enjoy the weather changes and all that occupies my world. I enjoy hearing the other animals' cries of joy and friendship. I enjoy a relationship of mutual respect with my keepers for I know they do their best. They have fought many battles on my behalf yet I still hang on to my wildness in a real way. One day, I will be free and I will run.

I honored both Tigers and thanked them for their messages. I hope we can all be cognizant of these magnificent creatures and what they have lost to live alongside each of us. Maybe next time you are at the zoo, you will pause and truly see these magnificent creatures for the individuals that they are.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

To read more of my Wild Animal Communications, please see my Index.

Until next time...........

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