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From ArchAngel Michael: So Much Creation on Such a Small Planet!

I would like to speak with you today about animal communication. You are aware that Lacey is an Animal Communicator with both living and dead animals as well as pets and wild animals. I wonder though if you are aware how important animal communication can really be? When Father created this world, it was no coincidence that He created animals and man together. You might think that was for food purposes and part of that is true; however, He created a variety of animals for all of you for a reason. Yes! Your Father revels in each animal's uniqueness and wonder just as you yourselves do!

Every Being on this planet has a soul and a personality. Each one is different. Animal communication is important because you are hearing from another type of Being, one that exists on this earth right beside you. When you can learn to communicate and understand animals, you are broadening your world.

As you understand the different species, you come to love and honor each one of them. This is integrally important as it helps to not only lift the earth's entire vibration but it helps you to take part in sustaining that animal and that species. Using house pets as an example, the more learned a community becomes, the more a community learns how to help the species. Spaying and neutering your pets has now become the norm instead of the opposite. Mankind has proven that this helps the animal to remain healthier longer and is also helping to stem the tide of unwanted pets as well.

Mankind has been critically important in the sustainment of whale species. Yes, man hunted many to near extinction but man also recognized that and is working daily to protect the whale now. You see how it is possible to have a symbiotic relationship here? This greatly pleases Father and the Universe. You are all his creations! Enjoy and revel in that!

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