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Finding a Pivot Point

Have you ever had a day that just rockets out of control? Have you ever started the day and felt like you got creamed every time you turned around? Perhaps you've even had a month or a season like this. I know I have. That is when I learned to create my own pivot point.

For me, a pivot point is when I purposely decide to take action to change my situation. I purposely decide to be happy "in the same pants"! When I was growing up, the adults around me frequently told me, as I was throwing a tantrum, "You can get happy in the same pants!" As a child, it took me a while to understand that. I forgot about that saying for a long time as an adult but, lo and behold, it's the truth.

You can decide to change your entire life with one decision. Yes, one decision! Your happiness cannot be determined by your circumstances, it cannot be determined by your job, by your family or by your home. It cannot be determined by your friends or your coworkers. It can only be determined by you! Once you understand that you have the power to determine and change it all simply by your attitude, you are miles ahead of most people. If you cannot learn to be happy in your circumstance, you will never stay happy.

I used to complain that I had no friends and no tribe. Nobody was beating down the bushes to hang around with me. I couldn't find anyone who thought like I did. I was missing like-minded people. It wasn't my fault, I mean, there was nowhere to meet them. Then it was revealed to me that maybe nobody wanted to hang around with me because I wasn't fun. I was always disgruntled, looking for something else. On top of that, maybe like-minded people weren't finding me because I wasn't putting myself out there. That's when I figured out that I, alone, am responsible for finding my own tribe. I began joining organizations and volunteered to serve on boards in order to meet some of these people and get to know them. Are they all my best friends? Nope BUT I am finding some! That was also the year I started Granbury Area Lightworkers, a group of like-minded spiritually growing people. (You don't have to live in my area to belong. Come join us!) I am building my tribe, every single day.

While I think I'm just grand, I've learned that I'm not everybody's cup of tea but I don't need to be anymore. I've learned that I can, indeed, get happy in these same pants and now I live in a state of gratitude and thankfulness! Guess what? I've become a people magnet! My life is filled with joy.

Have you ever gone through your own season of unhappiness or discontent? What did you do? I'd love to hear about it.

Until next time.........

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