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Pet Connections

I have such fun speaking with your animals, both living and deceased! I thought you might enjoy some of my memorable animal encounters!

I once spoke with a family's four dogs. When I speak to more than one animal in a family, I just read the animal I am led to first and go in that order. These four did not appreciate my order! I spoke with the alpha dog first. The next dog's first question after my greeting was, "Why am I second?" Now, mind you, I had never had this happen before or since but this pack was very attuned. They were aware when I called each animal in to read and I had never had any other family of animals point this out to me before. Sure enough, when I called number three, they wanted to know why they were third. At this point, I was ready with an answer. Same thing with number four. I assured him that he was so wise and that I knew he would never mind being last as the others were so eager. Whew! Catastrophe averted!

This was a lovely foursome and two were having some problems but they refused to name names. It was darling though because one described another as quite grumpy and the other described their antagonizer as high energy and all over the place. You won't be surprised when I tell you that one was a very old fellow and the other was a 10-month-old puppy! I got quite a chuckle out of that reading.

I experienced an interesting encounter when I spoke to a llama that is dear to my heart. He was recently attacked and wounded badly. The family wanted to know what had attacked him as the first vet thought it was a bobcat but they felt it was larger. This was a tough reading for me as I really love this llama. When he showed me what happened, we learned that a cougar (mountain lion) had been stalking this family's miniature horse herd for about a week. The llama had kept him at bay but the cougar surprised the llama one night. The only reason the llama lived through it was because he had kept his neck away from the cougar. Sure enough, the family wound up seeing another vet who confirmed it could only have been a cougar from the sweep of the claws on either side of the llama's rump. I'm happy to say our beloved llama recovered and guarded that herd for several more years but it was the first time I had done a reading where I was shown an attack. That was a tough one!

If you read my blogs, you know how much I love to speak with Lulu and how this precious pup speaks with Tree and Shrub. What you don't know is that, when Lulu began speaking with Shrub, she showed me two shrubs. The family contacted me and said, "No. You got that a little wrong, she is only speaking with one shrub. We watch her and she is only standing in front of the one for any amount of time." I said, "I appreciate that but I'm telling you she made it very clear she is speaking with both." Everyone was used to seeing Lulu stand for hours visiting her tree but not the shrubs. Imagine my delight when, two days later, I received an email from the family letting me know that, indeed, Lulu is now standing in front of both shrubs, exactly as I described it!

Ever wonder what your babies are thinking or what happened to them? Check out my Pet Connections page.

Until next time...

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