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From ArchAngel Michael: I Am Here for You!

Hello, friends! I just wanted to say that to you today - I am here for you! You are not alone! I really do have your back.

I already feel some of you doubting this but it's important to believe it. You will go through many trials and struggles in your lifetime. You may be wondering why I'm not rescuing you from them sometimes. Let me address that here.

Before you are created and descend from heaven to begin your life here in Earth School, you have goals that you want to accomplish. These are frequently referred to as major life lessons. I cannot rescue you from one of these lessons because it is not within my power to do so. For example, if your child dies, they die because they have finished their work here on earth during this journey. I cry with you as you mourn and grieve their loss but, in heaven, we celebrate them and all that they accomplished while here. If you came to this earth to live in a lifetime cycle of pain, I can help to sustain your soul but I cannot always cure your pain as it may be involved in a life lesson for which you knowingly agreed and signed up for. Am I making sense?

I realize this may be out of some of your comfort zones but, I ask you, haven't you often wondered why some prayers are answered and others seem to be unheard? I tell you that Father/Creator/Source hears EVERY prayer spoken or even thought. Your God loves you beyond anything you can imagine. He loves you so much that He gives you free will and the right to learn lessons that will evolve your soul to a point that you personally need. Each journey is an individual soul journey.

Next time you feel your prayers are not being answered, I urge you to step back and look at your situation. What are you learning? Maybe you will see clearly but maybe you won't. Ask for clarity. Know that the Universe has your back! We rejoice with you and we cry with you! We are here to help you and to support you.

An index of ArchAngel Michael's teaching can be found here.

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