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From ArchAngel Michael: Finding Sanctuary in Your Space

Last week I touched on growing spiritually. One of the ways to do that is to provide a place, in your home or yard, that will help you as you are growing. Many people have an altar and that is well and good but not necessary. The important thing is having a place that you can be quiet, a place that you can come to Spirit for nurturing.

If this space is within your home, I would urge you to have a spot where you can be at peace. Many do not have the luxury of being able to devote an entire room to this, most do not have the space. Usually, though, you can find a corner or even a shelf that will provide you with enough space for inspiration to meditate or to connect. Some even clear a closet to make room for their spiritual objects and, when they are ready, they open the door and begin. Whatever works for you is fine but I would urge you to find some spot in your home that will nourish your soul. When you look at that space, it will become a reminder that it is time to slow down and listen.

For you, the place may be outside. While it doesn't have to be specific to one spot, again, it is wonderful for your discipline if you have a space that is in your own yard or patio. There is nothing like a spot that belongs only to you. A place that will open up your mind to be able to commune with God and to be at peace.

This could quite literally be a place with a comfortable chair and a small table for a candle or to hold your things as you begin your meditations. Whatever feels right to you is right. Trust your own intuition on this.

This coming year, I challenge you to find a spot just for you! Find a place that you can go to, inside or outside your home that will nourish your soul. You are worth the effort!

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