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Ignoring Self-Care

When you speak with Spirit frequently, you are constantly surrounded by love. I talk with Angels on a daily basis. I know what unconditional love is and yet I struggle to practice it whole-heartedly on myself! This was brought home to me a few years ago when I received a monetary gift from my Mom. I got to thinking about what I would really like that I don't spend money on. People, it was towels! Yes, towels! My towels were so old that I would have been embarrassed to tell you when I had bought them! They were no longer absorbent as they had been kept long after their usefulness. I should have delegated them to the rag pile years ago.

We decided to use my Mom's gift to replace every towel in our house, EVERY towel! I was so excited! We bought a set to try and love them. It blew my mind when I reached into the dryer to retrieve them. They weren't laying there....tired. In fact, they filled the dryer with their soft fluffiness! Why had I been settling for old tired towels all these years?

That got me to thinking. Why did I have beautiful sheets for my spare bedroom? My guests feel loved and luxurious when they are with us. Why wouldn't I want that same feeling for us??? My sheets were old and, you guessed it, tired. Are we not enough to justify the best?

My whole family claims I am hard to buy for. I truly don't feel that way but they all claim I am. My daughter asked me what I would really want to receive one year. It took me a long time to think of something then I remembered that my iPhone cord was frayed. I had tried cheaper versions but they didn't work well. I asked her for a new cord and a new phone case because mine was cracking. Really? I live in a beautiful home. We drive nice cars. Why on earth hadn't I bought myself a better cord for my phone that I use all day long. Why hadn't I bought a new case for my phone that keeps me connected to the world? I had become cheap on taking care of necessities for myself. As an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultant, I know better than this. The way you care for your belongings directly affects every area of your life. I knew better than this yet I had allowed myself to settle into complacency.

Truly, Spirit constantly affirms to me that I am enough. Why hadn't I applied it in such a tangible way in my daily life? Self-care is another form of self-love. Why wasn't I practicing it better?

Is there something that you have been shorting yourself on? What is it that is holding you back from the self-care and self-love that you so desperately need and are worthy of? I challenge you to think about this. You may be on a tight budget but you could still plan something each paycheck to help you accomplish your goal or you may get lucky and be able to accomplish it quickly. Treat yourself while knowing that you are enough and that you deserve the very best! You.are.worthy!

Until next time....

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