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From ArchAngel Michael: Listen to Your Body!

In a season of joy, there also comes a season of ups and downs in weather, great stress associated with all things holiday and seasonal allergies as well. Today I would like to speak with you about listening, REALLY listening to one of your greatest life's partners, your body. You notice that I said life partner for you are indeed a partner with your body for this lifetime.

As you go throughout this holiday and fall/winter season, please listen to the urgings your body is giving to you for they are not in vain. Your body loves you so much and you both need each other. Have you ever thought of your body in this vein? I tell you that your body is much more than the temple of your soul. Your body is integral to your entire journey here on this earth.

As you go about your everyday and added commitments during this holiday season, do not forget your important partner! Do you care for your body as well as you care for your own child or beloved spouse or pet? If not, you should.

Take extra time each day to listen to your body. Quite seriously ask it if all is well. While you may not hear a voice answer you, you will intuitively "feel" how you are doing. This may be a first for you. You may have spent your lifetime suppressing your body's needs and putting it last among all but I tell you that it is time to recognize your body for the magnificent creation that Father has made it! Listen to yourself. Hear what you need to hear.

Perhaps you need rest. Perhaps you need to take a step out of some obligations. Believe it or not, things will go on without you. Maybe you have been taking a spot that someone else has been wanting to fill for a very long time. Step back, let someone new have it! Move onward to things that will bring you joy.

During this holiday season, and all throughout the year, pay close attention to what brings you joy! You were not meant for a life of drudgery. If your body is feeling stressed about overcommitting or just dreading a commitment that is lifeless for you, either change the commitment and obligation or step out of it. It will be okay! Sometimes just tweaking an event will take all the pressure off of you.

Today, embrace your body for the creation it was always meant to be. Respect it. Hydrate it with water. Hydrate it with lotions. Cherish your body for it has cherished you this entire lifetime. And so it is!

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