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From ArchAngel Michael: All Life Has a Soul

Greetings, friends! I am happy you are reading today! I would like to speak with you about animals, plants, and all creations. Many of you have beloved pets. Many of you are gardeners and caretakers of our Mother Earth.

There are beliefs on this earth that anything that is not human does not have a soul. I want to ensure that you understand that ALL life is important and have souls. They may not be souls that you understand as humans but it is important that you understand there is a sanctity to life that is beyond human comprehension. Even the little insects have more than a purpose.

Humans, many times, think that they are above all but I tell you that you are not above anything. You are a part of God's creation. You carry a Divine spark of Him within you. That is what makes you so special; however, it does not mean that your soul is more important than all other souls.

This is a very hard subject to tackle but I will try to explain it so that you understand. Father loves you. You are a part of Him. Even so, He loves each and every animal. He created them as well. He loves every orchid, every tomato plant, and every tree. He created them as well. When you understand that you are a part of the whole, you begin to respect that whole much more. Does that make sense to you?

LIFE is precious. Where there is life, there is a soul. Look around you and give thanks for all that Father/Creator/Source has given to make your life on this earthly planet so magnificent! Can you even imagine all that He/She/Source created just for you? It is not possible for you to comprehend it all but you can most certainly try!

When a gardener loses a plant, they should give thanks for that plant and what it brought while here upon the earth. When a family loses a pet, they should give thanks for that pet and the love it brought to them while on this earth. When an animal or plant is slaughtered in order to sustain life for others, much thanks should be given for its sacrifice for the whole.

I hope that this has helped you to understand that all life is indeed precious. Those who lose their pets, do not fear. Your pet lives on. No life is ever over. How blessed are we?

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