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Clearing Energy from Yourself

I once had a mentor tell me that I had the widest aura she had ever seen! I thought that a great compliment. It wasn't! You see, I had never heard of clearing my energy! Apparently, I looked like a planet with all sorts of interstellar energy circling around me. No wonder I was tired all.the.time!

That is when I began a regular practice of clearing my energy field. As an Empath, I am already susceptible to picking up everyone else's energy anyway. Add that to my own and, well, you get the picture!

Today I would like to talk to you about ways to clear your energy. I do this on a daily basis, right before bed, but you can do it anytime that works best for you. I would just urge you to do it regularly.

As you go through your day, you will pick up energy. Negative energy sticks around the same as positive energy.

The following ritual will have a profound impact upon your life and you will be surprised how much lighter you will feel once you start practicing it. There are all kinds of ways to release energy. I’m going to give you some suggestions and you can use what works best for you.

Before I ground and protect at night, I release all energy I have collected during the day.

“Taking any lower or negative energy as well as any excess energy that no longer serves me and sending it to you, Mother Earth, for your cleansing and recycling." You might want to make it simpler. It doesn't matter what you say but you need to formally release any lower or negative energy as well as any excess energy that no longer serves you to Mother Earth. I then visualize, while expelling a very deep breath, all of that energy going out of my feet down to Mother Earth. Some of you will not feel the need to clear energy on a daily basis. As an Empath, I clear daily, in front of my protection ritual. It has become part of the ritual itself and clearing, for me, is as necessary as grounding and protecting. Be sure, after you clear to thank Mother Earth.

Examples of clearing:

  • Feeling and seeing the energy drain from the top of your head to out the bottom of your feet (as a balloon deflates, you should be relaxing all the way down your body).

  • Envisioning an elevator starting at the top of your crown moving to the bottom of your feet, pushing out energy, to Mother Earth.

  • Showering and feeling all the energy running down the drain, back to Mother Earth.

There have been times that I was so tired or even wired that I have had to ask for help from my Angels to help me to push energy out of me so that I could be at peace. Whatever works for you is fine but please try this, especially Empaths!

If you need help with this or opening up spiritually, you might benefit from my Mentoring Program.

Until next time.....

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