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The Story Of a Crystal!

I almost didn't see it! We were walking on the caliche road in the campground when I looked down and saw this stone! "Oh, this one is coming home with me!", I said to my husband. We weren't in a state or national park so I figured it would be okay. I was so drawn to this stone!

I took it into our camper and cleaned it off. It was amazing! I asked it what kind of stone it was. I knew it had quartz in it but I was unfamiliar with the red stone coming up through it. The stone said, "Baraboo." I cut it off and said, "I know Baraboo. We are staying 12 miles outside Baraboo, Wisconsin." I asked it again to tell me what it was. Again, I received, "Baraboo." Again, in my infinite wisdom (ugh), I cut it off. "Yes, I know but I am asking what KIND of stone you are." I didn't wait for another answer but went straight into asking it what it could do for me. "I can help you to connect with Mother Earth even better. I will ground you better. I will make your communication with Her easier to understand." Well, that certainly got my attention.

I am fortunate to be friends with a Crystal Guru (that is my affectionate name for her), Summer Dawn. I immediately took a picture of my stone and sent it to her, telling her what it said it would do for me but not telling her the Baraboo story. To be honest, I was embarrassed that I was unable to understand what the stone was saying. She immediately wrote me back and asked, "Where are you camping, Lacey?" I told her we were 12 miles outside Baraboo, WI, surrounded by the Baraboo Bluffs! She wrote me back, "That would explain it then. You are holding a piece of Baraboo Quartz with Red Hematite! Lacey, that Quartz is not found any other place in the world! It is named for the region."

"Whaaaaattttt?" I then told her how the stone kept trying to tell me Baraboo! She laughed and said, "Well, you understood the rest perfectly clearly and the stone has told you already exactly what it will do for you." Needless to say, this became my most treasured acquisition of our 4-1/2 week trip!

I brought the stone home with me and put it in my office. It was so pleasant to look at and I loved having it in there. Several weeks passed. Over the course of a couple of those weeks, I told my husband how my readings and communications with Spirit seemed to be magnified and that everything was even clearer than before. I had not given any more thought to my stone at that point. As I was dusting, I noticed it was missing. I asked my husband if he had moved it. He had not. We both turned the house upside down looking for this stone. We couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, as I went to mop my wooden floors in my study, I found it. Perfectly centered below the chair that I sit in to do my readings. I hadn't seen it before because it is a large chair and the stone was perfectly centered and not easily seen.

Okay. I have a cat. She loves my study. Yes, she has knocked my business card holder over before but that has been it. This stone moved from a 6' bookcase, 3rd shelf, across the room to under, perfectly centered under, my chair. That was a trip of several feet! There is no way my cat could have done it. The stone is also too heavy for her to have moved well anyway.

I asked the stone then what happened. "You weren't utilizing me so I thought I would help you." Yep. My beautiful Baraboo Quartz had moved herself! This is now her permanent home. I walk in here and smile, seeing her already in place, knowing she is here to help me. If you are familiar with Quartz, you know that it magnifies all - from emotion to communication. My crystal is indeed helping to magnify my connection with ALL Spirit! Truly, I am blessed!

Until next time...

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