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From ArchAngel Michael: What Is an ArchAngel?

Hello, friends. Today I would like to speak with you about hierarchy and ego. This may be a surprise for some of you for I am not going to talk about your hierarchy or your ego but I would like to let you know that Angels do not have either.

Many of you are worried about calling upon an ArchAngel. I would like to explain to you what an ArchAngel is. We are Angels that have been assigned to mankind, in general. As I am usually regarded as the Angel of Protection, I am called upon by millions each and every day. I help with all kinds of protection. From someone worried about their safety to another worried about protection from verbal abuse to another worried about protection moving forward in a home loan. I am available to each and everyone who calls upon me, every single time. I am also available to help you in far more than protection matters. If you need me, call me. I will be there.

Recently, when Lacey was praying about protection for those in a wildfire's way, she was assured that we were already on the job. You see, there were millions praying even before then for my help. It is my honor to help you!

When Lacey mentions your spiritual support team, she is speaking about your personal set of Angels and Spirit Guides. You each have a Guardian Angel but you also have many other Angels and Guides who help you on a daily basis. Some come in and out but others stay with you over your entire lifetime.

You would not ask your Angels to help someone else for they have their own team. Are you getting where I am going with this? This is where ArchAngels come into the picture. We are those that you would ask to help others.

We have no hierarchy here. As Angels, we all love you and are here to serve you, it's just that some of us are here for all of you and some of us are specialists just for you. I think you understand now.

This is the same for Ascended Masters. Many consider Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Mohammed and Rumi to be Ascended Masters. We do not use that term in the afterlife. There is no hierarchy. There is only God and ways that we can serve Him and point you back to Him.

The next time that you feel intimidated in any way about calling upon an ArchAngel or an Ascended Master, please remember that we are here to help you and to support your spiritual growth.

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