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From ArchAngel Michael: Personal Protection

For those of you who know about ArchAngels, you understand that we are Angels who are not assigned to anyone individually. We are assigned to help the world at large. I am mostly known as the ArchAngel of Protection. You will see me many times pictured with a sword in my hand. This is because I am here to protect you. I do many other things, as do all Angels, but I specialize in your protection.

When you are afraid, you can call on me. I will be there immediately and I will also bring a host of other Angels as well, if they are needed. When you need help in a difficult situation, I can clear the way for you. Just ask.

Today, I would like to speak with you about YOUR personal protection. What do you do to protect yourself as you are opening to Spirit? Do you ground and protect? Lacey preaches this to her students but I am asking you, personally, if you ground and protect before opening to Spirit? Do you ground and protect before meditating? Any time you are opening your mind to Spirit, you need to have grounded and protected. I will have Lacey share a link to her blog posts that teach you how.

I am bringing it up because you need to be taking responsibility for your own growth as well. I will be here to protect you but, when you are doing spiritual work, I want you to rely on yourself as well! Please do not hesitate to use these procedures to seat yourself well within Mother Earth and Our Father. It will make a great difference in the quality of your connection with Spirit and it never hurts to use an opportunity to connect with our planet or our Creator either. Thank you for reading my thoughts. I enjoy interacting with you in this way. Peace be to each of you. Remember that you can call upon me by name and I will hear. Remember that you were chosen by Him who creates all. He loves you and so do I!

To read more of ArchAngel Michael's messages, please see his index here.

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