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Use Discernment Before Helping Ghosts

A student would like to eventually help ghosts to cross over. I feel I cannot stress enough about how prepared you need to be before beginning this. I also feel the need to tell you that you really need to be connecting to your own spiritual support team - your personal Angels and Spirit Guides - before trying to help ghosts. There is no reason for you to use your energy to help lower vibration spirits before connecting with your own higher vibration helpers who are there for you each day!

Ghosts are lower vibration Spirit that have CHOSEN not to cross over. That does not mean they are bad people. There are many complex reasons they may have decided not to cross. I, personally, would absolutely not attempt to help a ghost cross over without being a professional but, realizing there are some of you who feel so moved, I am feeling I should at least address why.

Many ghosts don't even know whether they are of the Light or not. That alone is the reason I would absolutely not deal with them if I didn't know what I was doing. The other really important component here is that these spirits are actually on their own soul journey. They are NOT lost. God and their Angels know exactly where they are located and are available to every spirit who asks. They obviously have not asked.

At this point in my personal spiritual journey, I do not speak to any ghost UNTIL they are ready to continue their journey forward, INTO the Light, for this very reason. By the time a ghost comes to me, they are ready and willing to move onward. I do not waste my time trying to talk anyone into going to the Light. That's not my job or my journey. I also respect THEIR journey, allowing them to have the time they need here in order to want to move forward.

Now, when I am approached, the Spirit is ready but just doesn't know how to move onward by themselves. I know that they have the power to do this but they do not understand that. I can ask them quickly now if they believe in God. Some do not. That is fine. If they do not, I next ask them if they believe in any kind of Creator. Most do. At that time, I explain to them how there is no hell and that God/Creator/Source has always known exactly where they are and has always been ready for them to come home. They just chose not to. This normally takes a huge weight off their shoulders and they are ready to go onward. Once we begin praying together, their Angels come get them and take them home. Please note that this is an extremely simplistic explanation of what I do. I would not encourage you to do this.

It has taken me years to be able to do this without risk to myself and to understand how to interact with ghosts. Unless you are extremely well-grounded in your personal faith and Mother Earth, unless you are extremely well-protected by White Light and God, I would not interact with a ghost unless it is quite literally to tell them to move on, out of your space. I don't want you to be afraid of ghosts but you need to have a very healthy respect for the energy you are dealing with. Most ghosts are nice but some are not.

If you have a ghost in your space that is bothering you, realize that YOU hold all the power. You are living in the present. They are not. You are of the Light. Tell them, in no uncertain words, with authority, to move onward. Do it in the name of God, the Father, whatever you believe. Don't ask for them to please move on. Tell them with authority. There are so many other places they can be that it is not necessary for them to stay in your space. Most times, that is enough.

If you have a friendly ghost and you enjoy them, that is fine. Be careful though because ghosts can feed off of your energy. If you notice a personality change in someone in your home (as in unfamiliar grumpiness or tiredness), it's time to move that ghost on. They are feeding off the positive energy of that person.

I have seen this over and over and over again, especially in homes with teenage girls. Ghosts love how up and down teenage girls' emotions can be. They feed off that hormonal energy. If you have a child in your home, I would absolutely not allow a ghost to inhabit it, friendly or not. I do not allow ghosts into my home. They are welcome to wait on the porch for me to go into session but they are not allowed into my home because I have small children who visit frequently. I do not want a susceptible small child exposed to lower energy. Be relentless in your protection of you and your home's energy! Most ghosts are not accustomed to being heard or seen. If you have a nice ghost around, it has no idea you know it's there. Just stand your ground, speak out loud and tell it to move on, it's not welcome in your space anymore. That will get almost all of them to move onward.

Again, I am not encouraging you to live in fear of ghosts. I don't. I am encouraging you to be very mature in your spiritual journey before interacting with them.

I hope this has clarified some of your questions. If not, contact me.

Until next time..........

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