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Lulu and Tree, an Interspecies Relationship

I first began speaking with Lulu in January 2017 when her family asked me to find out why she spent so much time outside, obsessed with a tree in their back yard. They had tried taking her to the vet. They had tried anti-depressants. I was their last hope.

Little did I know it would begin a friendship between Lulu and I. I have spoken with countless animals, from wild animals to domestic, from elephants and llamas to horses and dogs. I have never spoken to another animal that mentioned another species. Lulu has been so obsessed with her relationship with these beings that her family has a difficult time getting her to come inside and out of the back yard, even in storms!

In respect to other species, one addresses another simply as their species. When Lulu told me about Tree, I knew she was connecting immediately from what she said and how she addressed the tree itself. Our first visit, when I asked her what they spoke about, she said, “We are timeless. Each of us is connected through God’s creation. I was surprised to make a friend with Tree. I heard her speak one day and we just started visiting after that. I love her. She is gentle and kind to me.”

Lulu's family gave me permission to share Lulu's messages with me. They are animal rescuers themselves and are fascinated with this relationship and honored by Lulu's journey. Lulu has recently now begun communicating with another tree and two shrubs in their yard although she is always still engaged with her original tree.

I went back to Lulu to speak about her continuing journey. I read animals remotely and Lulu was ready to connect! "Lacey, I have so much to tell you!" She was jumping all over, she was so excited! "First, let me tell you, I have new friends! I have another Tree and Shrubs, two of them, Lacey!" That is wonderful, Lulu! I am so excited for you! Can you tell me what you are learning? "I am thrilled to share this with somebody! Okay, Tree, my original friend, continues to teach me. She has taught me all about connection and that is why I began understanding I could connect with other plant life as well. But, from connecting with you, I now understand I have the ability to connect with every living thing. This has opened up doors for me that I never dreamed would open. I am finding that I can connect with anything that lives in my world! It is so exciting, I cannot tell you."

What specifically are you learning, Lulu? "Well, my original Tree has taught me that life is very precious. She has showed me that she has lived decades upon decades and she shows me what she has seen, from the different people she has watched to how my neighborhood has changed. She has also taught me that Trees speak together just as Dogs speak together. I didn’t know that before." "I have made friends with another Tree in my yard. I really like him. He has a different personality than my other tree friend. He seems younger to me in this. He has taught me that it is important not to be serious all the time. I am shy by nature and he has taught me that it is all right to take risks. This has given me courage to try connecting with other life in my yard as well."

"I have now begun making friends with Shrubs. I say Shrubs because I am friends with two of them. I don’t hear the others yet but I have no doubt that I will. They are a lot of fun and very different from Tree. Their energy is not the same. They are not as old."

I then told her that her family has told me that another dog there, Lucy, is totally confused by her relationship with Shrubs and that Lucy has been trying to see what she was looking at when she is speaking to them. Laughing, Lulu said, "Don’t you love that, Lacey? Yes. Lucy doesn’t understand how to connect. I’ve tried to tell her but she pretty much ignores what I say so she keeps looking. It’s pretty funny and Shrubs and I get a big kick out of it!"

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about from either Tree or Shrub? "No. I just love all of them. I love how I am opening up to all life. I am now trying to speak with insects in our yard. I know I will connect. I mean, look how you and me connect! There is no reason that I can’t!"

You are right, Lulu. The single hardest thing to conquer is our own confidence in our ability to connect and I believe you have mastered that! "I have, with Tree’s help."

I want to thank Lulu's family for giving me permission to share from these readings and to connect with their furbaby at will. If you ever wonder what your beloved pet is thinking, feel free to contact me for a reading. Chances are that they are not connecting with other species like Lulu but it is amazing what you can learn about your pets when you hear what they are thinking in their everyday life.

Until next time.....

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