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Last Message from Man Mound, Part 3 of 3

We decided to visit Man Mound one more time before leaving Wisconsin. I had already been told it wasn’t necessary, that Spirit could come to me wherever I am, but I felt a strong pull to end our vacation there. I was so glad we did!

As before, on our first visit, we were the only ones in the park. I immediately heard from Spirit and I had come prepared with pen and paper this time.

Greetings with love and respect to all who read our message. We are timeless. We are a compilation of human energy that is beyond your understanding and yet we are connected. We are all bonded, here on this earth. We all begin one journey and end it here in Creation. And so it is.

We come to you today to urge you in your own personal way, to care for and honor our home. It is up to us each, individually, to begin our own relationship with Mother Earth. It is also up to each of us to participate in stewardship of her.

It is impossible to deny that she is a living breathing Being. Your care of her makes a difference. You are not only caring for her but leaving a legacy for all who follow you. Leave a legacy that you are proud of. Honor her as she has honored you since your first breath. You would have no life without her.

This was the end of my formal messages from Man Mound during my visit to Wisconsin. I am unable to articulate the purity and power of the Spirit that guards and watches over Man Mound. It is ancient. It is full of Light and wisdom. It was my honor to have encountered It and to have been Its mouthpiece for you today.

Please share this message with all who will listen. It is important. It is vital. Let’s all join in stewardship with Man Mound and care for our Earth. She is so deserving!

On a side note, I have been honored with more visits from this Spirit. It has come to me when I least expected it, urging me forward in my growth. We are connected now, this Spirit and I. I am ever thankful for the precious encounter at Man Mound.

If you would like to see the first message or second post on Man Mound, please click on the links provided.

Until next time…………

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