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Sometimes Death Isn't the Worst Thing

You read the title right. Sometimes, death is not the worst thing. I have lived this and I have watched this. With the recent death of a famous person struck down by chronic disease, I am reminded again that death can be a gentle release. I am grateful for their time here and that they are in a better place.

There came a time in our daughter's fight that we had to ask people to quit praying for her recovery. There wasn't going to be one. Instead, we asked them to pray for God's mercy. God knew what Tricia needed and it had come to a time when it was more merciful to call her home than to leave her here. Were we ready for her to go? Never. Were we ready for her to quit suffering? Yes.

I work with all kinds of people in my business and many of them still grieve their loved ones. Many times, when they have lost their loved one after a long disease or illness, there is a lot of guilt involved when death occurs. You see, caretaking is one of the hardest things a person is ever called to do. There is nothing we want more than to value and honor our loved one but when they become completely dependent upon another for every life task, it wears the entire family down. It is hard on the person enduring the illness or disease and it's hard on the family trying to support them. I am being honest here. Just because you are glad they were able to pass onward and upward does not mean you loved the person less.

As a medium, I speak with the dead. I KNOW there is better beyond the veil. Does that mean I am not afraid of death? Gosh, I don't know. I haven't been in that position yet. I believe I will be far more upset at missing time with my loved ones here on earth than I will be about the dying part.

I am writing this blog today because there is someone out there who is feeling that guilt, feeling that sudden release from their loved one's parting, and I want to tell you to forgive yourself. When I look at someone dying from a debilitating disease, I am grateful for the life they had and grateful for the life that is coming back to their loved ones who are left behind. When our daughter died, I thought my world had ended and it least, that world had ended. Even so, a whole new world opened up for me. One that would have never been available had she lived. Was it worth losing her? That was not my choice. It never was. That was between her and God.

In speaking with Tricia in Spirit over the passing years, she always reminds me that she was ready. She was tired of hurting. She had done all she could do on this earth and she was ready to leave a body that no longer responded to her. That is what I try to remember when I hear of another death from a catastrophic disease or illness. That person more than likely learned their lessons here in Earth School and accomplished all that was possible in this lifetime. I realize that this does not apply to everyone on this earth but it has been my experience as a medium that the people I have spoken to who were riddled with disease and had been sick for a long time were ready to go. They were not ready to leave their loved ones but they had gone as far as they could in their physical body. We all come here with a purpose. I have yet to meet a person who has died from a long illness or disease who did not teach great lessons throughout their lifetime and even through their death and beyond.

I only ask, today, that you try to remember those lessons. Be thankful that the person who has died no longer suffers and pray in gratefulness for the time left for those left behind, that they can begin anew and continue living and learning. That's all we can really ask for.

If you are interested in learning more about when you die, you might like this blog post. Please share this post if it resonates with you!

Until next time...................

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