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Becoming Authentic!

You can be brave! You can live the life of your dreams! You can begin today. Yes, you can, I promise.

I figure your first question is why on earth I would share this crazy picture? I share it because this is honestly who I am. Yep. I can look better than this, physically, but this is how I wake up many mornings! I believe I stand on my head and swirl in my sleep!

When did we think we could only share our pretty selves? For example, the Christmas letters we all get where everyone is perfect, all the kids behave, life is absolutely rolling along in splendor. Really? Does anybody really live a life like that? I don't. I am going to venture to say that you don't either.

I've begun sharing these bedhead pictures every once in a while on my personal Facebook page. They get more comments than just about anything else I share. Why? You could say it's because I'm goofy but, more than that, they resonate with friends who are stunned I do this. They cannot believe I would share something not perfect in public. That's why I started doing it!

I post silly pictures of myself because I think it's empowering. When I do that, I feel like my superhero cape just swells out behind me just a little bit further and I hope that others use it to accept themselves the way that I have learned to accept myself. It's been the same way with my spiritual growth. I hid it for years and years. Many of my students today still do and I totally understand that. I was the poster child for hiding my spirituality. I stand in no judgment for anyone in this position. I get it. When you are from a conservative background, it is very hard to come out of the closet spiritually. I will tell you, though, since I did, my life has exploded - literally exploded! Does everyone accept me? No, they don't. The difference is that I am now finding so many new friends who accept me and cherish me for exactly who I am. Once I started living authentically, I drew others to me who were living the same kind of way. The power of attraction really does work, people!

Just for today, I want to ask you, what one step could you make that would lead you to an authentic life? Maybe you need to say no to the next obligation that will take you away from your joy. Maybe you need to say yes to the next opportunity for growth. Maybe you need to quit wearing makeup and swirl on your head while you sleep! Whatever it is, do it - for YOU! You are magnificent! Feel your greatness today!

Until next time........

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