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Octopus: We Are One

Octopus are other-worldly creatures to me! They are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates. I am amazed how small they can make their bodies as they slip through the tiniest holes like a professional escape artist! I am enthralled at their wonderful color displays as their bodies adapt to different environments or as they become emotional. Did you know that there are 289 species of octopus? They come smaller than an inch, weighing less than a gram, to 16' long, averaging 110 pounds. They are able to lose an arm (tentacle) if necessary and can regrow it. Octopus are able to solve problems and have demonstrated great memory in testing. Science is proving that these are sentient beings.

I spoke with Octopus, both the collective representative of the species as well as an individual in Asia. I believe you will find this reading very interesting!


Thank you for calling me. I am happy to talk to man! We are here to remind you that there is more than you can imagine. So many think we look other-worldly yet it is you who look other-worldly to us! You are only now learning how large our brain really is. We are here to humble you in that it is important that you understand that mankind is not the only being on this planet with reason. We have proven, time and again, whether in captivity or not, that our cleverness and bodily adaptation are almost beyond measure. There is a reason we are known as great escape artists! Our flexibility enables us to adjust to almost any living condition. Man would do well to watch and learn!

While we fight hard to live in this world, we need man's cooperation. We need man to show us the respect and dignity we deserve by becoming better stewards when using our home. We were here first. So many species were here long before man yet man assumes he is master. We are all one. We are all tied together on this planet. We pray man discovers this before it is too late. After all, man is the only species on this planet that believes himself superior.

Octopus told me how happy they were to speak to a human who cares. They were very curious about me. I told them that there are many who do care and they said, "We just hope it isn't too late." Octopus stayed a while. I got the feeling they just wanted to visit. I asked if they wanted me to call on them again and they said they did. I promised I would. I honored their spirit and thanked them for coming. They responded, "I honor you, human."

I was so happy about this reading that I never saw the next one coming.


I immediately connected with an individual in Asia. "I am not free. I am in a trap." I didn't understand. I asked if they were in a trap in the ocean but was told no. I asked if they felt trapped, as in a zoo. Again, no, but this time they showed me they were in a trap in a restaurant, waiting to be eaten.

"This is my life and I am aware it is ending. All animal life on earth is subject to man's dominion. It is the risk of our lives. I am not angry. I am resigned." At this point, I was very emotional. I asked if there was anything I could do for them to make it any better. "You can appreciate the sacrifice we all make for your food. It is a sacrifice. We are not just dumb animals with no purpose. Millions of species know they will die in this way for you. Just appreciate it. That's what I am asking." I then asked if I could please honor their life and the sacrifice they are making now. "Yes. That helps." I then thanked them and told them how they had changed how I would forever look at food. Before I was finished with my sentence, Octopus was gone.

This may very well have been my hardest reading yet. I was just beginning to understand our food chain. I have since spoken to many animals and this is a reality that they are aware of as they choose their incarnation for their journey. They do not ask for pity. It is their reality. Before they incarnate, they are aware that this is just one of their many lives. I do not begin to understand all the complexities in our food chain and what drives it but it amazes me that animals choose a life where they realize they will be destined for our sustenance.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

Should you be interested, I have spoken with many wild animals and insects. A comprehensive index with links to individual blog posts is here.

Until next time.....

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