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Lion: The Time for Silence is Over

It is a misnomer that lions are the kings of the jungle as they do not live in the jungle, they live on the savannah. They are our second largest cat and are our only maned cats. Their roars, both male and female, can be heard up to five miles. Lions are highly social and live in prides with females that normally stay together throughout their lifetimes. They can live up to 16 years. They can stand up to 4' high and 7' long, weighing up to 500 pounds. This being used to walk every continent in our world but, in 2017, it was estimated there are now only 20,000 to 39,000 animals left in the wild world-wide. Their biggest predator is man. Trophy hunting has killed hundreds of thousands of these animals.

When speaking with wild animals, I always speak with their collective leader in heaven before connecting with an individual of their species.


I am glad you called me. We have been on this earth a very long time. Our world has changed since our creation. Earlier people found us noble. We were respected for our power. The natural world as we know it is being ravaged. Mankind has got to take responsibility for his actions. Worldwide attention is helping not only my species but all wildlife.


Lion walked up behind me and really startled me. I didn't hear him coming. I asked if he would come to my front and face me. When he did, he sat on his haunches and we were face to face. He told me that he is free and roams the African savannahs at night.

You do not understand my species. You consider us to be beasts yet is it your species that kills for no reason. You kill in cowardice. We kill to survive and feed our tribe. You kill from anger.

We have a strong sense of family. We share responsibility within our tribe. We take care of each other until such time as a member needs to leave. We have an established social order that has worked for us for centuries.

Man has not learned love of family or community. Man has stepped out of order. We pray man will find his place again. We all share this planet. We all share responsibility in order. Our prayer is that man will remember his.

At this time, Lion became silent. I asked if he was finished. He said he wasn't. I asked if he felt he was being too hard on man. He said that he was speaking with restraint.

Spread this message so that others will think about what is happening on our planet. The time for silence is over!

With that, he was done. I bowed to him and honored his spirit. He bowed to me before walking off.

This reading really shook me. As both lions were speaking, they showed me man killing for sport with their meat being left to rot. There is no honor in senseless killing like this. I was very ashamed that our egos needed this kind of thrill at the expense of such a beautiful creature.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

Should you be interested, I have spoken with many wild animals and insects. A comprehensive index with links to individual blog posts is here.

Until next time.....

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