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Never Settle! Manifest!!!

Do you need to get out of your own way? That's a serious question! Ever wonder why things just aren't happening in your favor? Like attracts like. It's a universal law.

I had a session with my Angel recently to discuss manifestation and he assured me time and again that, not only is it real, it is a huge tool of empowerment! Manifestation is all about action. You can create the life you want, really! I want you to understand that you have this tool!

Have you asked for more money but it never seems to appear? Look at your life. Are there areas where you are being stingy? You may not have a dollar extra this month but there will be something you can give away - even if it's just a compliment or a smile. I try to give something away every day. What matters is that it sets an intention that I am always looking for a way to give back to someone.

Let's look at relationships. Are you interested in meeting more like-minded people? What are you doing about it? Are you opening your arms and exploring ways to meet them? They are not going to come to your front door! You have to put yourself out there. When you want a new relationship, be the person you'd like to attract!

I've begun rephrasing anything negative as soon as it comes out of my mouth. I literally stop myself and rephrase whatever was just said. It's a life changer and an attitude changer. Try it! I've replaced the word "worry" with "concern". Do you notice the difference in the connotation?

I, and several of my friends, participate in listing three things daily that we are grateful for. They don't have to be big things but we stick to three things. I would like to challenge you to do this for a month. If you need an accountability friend to keep up your gratitude, I'll help. Just message me.

Quick steps to begin manifesting:

  • Ask God for what you want. Really ask Him.

  • Examine your own life. Are you asking for something that you don't act upon as well? What steps could you take to clear your own path?

  • Rephrase that negative self-talk. It will change your life.

  • Each day, try to list three things you are grateful for.

  • Open your arms and declare out loud, to God and the Universe, "I am ready for abundance. I willingly and gladly accept all that the Universe has to bless me!" Say it as many times a day as it feels right. Put it on post-it notes and stick them all over your house and work. Expect abundance!

  • Start thanking God every single day for that which you are envisioning.

Let me know how it goes! BE THE CHANGE! You got this!

If this post resonates with you, please share!

If you want to grow but don't know how, consider signing up for my Mentoring Sessions, customized to your needs!

Until next time.....


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