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Setting Intention

If you really want to be successful in your spiritual growth, you have to learn how to set intention. The Universe responds to intention.

Would you go to the doctor for no reason? Would you consider going on a diet or a new fitness regimen without any kind of goal or intended result? Do you enjoy wasting your time? I don't.

I have learned that I better know why I am in a certain place at a certain time. I recently pulled out of a learning group because I felt I wasn't learning. After discussing it with my Angels, I realized the reason I didn't learn was not the teacher's fault but my own. I had never thought about what I wanted from the course or how I would consider it a success. I had not set any goals beforehand and had no way to measure how far I had come. This was a good lesson for me to learn.

Do you know someone who is always happy? I do! I know many. They all have one thing in common. Intention. Most of them practice gratitude. They intentionally look for blessings in every single situation. That word "intent" sure is coming up a lot today, isn't it?

One of my students wanted to meet Spirit in her dreams. I told her to literally set her intention long before she laid down her head at night. She needed to actively tell Spirit in her mind, and even out loud if she wished, that she wanted to meet them in her dreams. As soon as she grounded and protected and she lay down for the night, her entire spiritual support team was already well aware that she was open to meeting someone. Not only had she told them, she had physically prepared for the meeting by grounding and protecting before sleeping. Intention is everything.

Intention also moves you towards manifesting. For the purposes of this writing, know that manifestation is visualizing your future. This is a powerful tool in receiving what you want and need but it all starts with intention.

Want some extra individualized help learning how to set intention or goals towards growing spiritually, you might be interested in my Mentoring Sessions.

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