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Empath Protection

Are you tired of being overwhelmed in situations? Why does this continually happen to you? Think of your empathic abilities as having a stereo dial (just like a volume dial). Until you understand how to turn the "volume" down, you are going to stay feeling overwhelmed and emotional.

You are quite literally carrying around everyone else's energy. Every person you interact with during the day, even your pets, carries energy. Empaths attract energy like a magnet attracts metal. I want to teach you some boundaries.

First, always, protect each morning and night. You are already a bright light in this world and, whether you believe it or not, all energy is attracted to you. Once you ground and protect, that should honestly take care of a great deal of your problem.

Before I ground and protect at night, I release all energy I have collected during the day. This is huge for us Empaths, huge! I quite literally say, "Taking any lower or negative energy I may have picked up during the day and any excess energy I may have picked up and I send it to you, Mother Earth, for your cleansing and recycling." You might want to make it simpler. It doesn't matter what you say but you need to formally release any lower or negative energy as well as any excess energy that no longer serves you to Mother Earth. I then visualize, while expelling a very deep breath, all of that energy going out of my feet down to Mother Earth. There are days when I have to take a lot of breaths and push quite a bit. Sometimes you'll feel that energy stick at your forehead, then move to your chest, then move to your upper legs. It may take you awhile. What's the benefit of this? For anyone who reads auras, an Empath walking around with excess energy looks like a hazy cloud with debris scattered everywhere. Until you release that energy, it will stay with you.

Will you go back to watching the news? Nope. Will you start liking and enjoying violent movies? No way. The difference is now you know why it affects you so much more than others and you can handle it. You've come to terms with who you are and you know what does not serve your highest good. Really, you are an example to all humanity. None of us should be desensitized. Celebrate your uniqueness!

If this post resonates with you, please share.

If you'd like individualized help in learning how to channel your empathic abilities to your highest good, I'd love to help through my Mentoring Sessions.

Until next time.....

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