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10 Signs You Are an Empath

Have you ever wondered why feelings seem to affect you more intimately than other people? You're probably an Empath! An Empath is a person who literally tunes in psychically to other people, animals, or any kind of energy. If you can check off most of these characteristics below, you'll have your answer.

  1. You tear up easily at commercials or any video that others find moving or touching (i.e. you cry at Hallmark commercials).

  2. You have a very hard time sitting through a violent movie. It makes you sick to your stomach.

  3. You can walk into a room and feel immediately if someone has been arguing. Have you ever felt like you could cut the tension in a room with a knife? That kind of feeling.

  4. You can walk into a house (or hotel room) and immediately tell if it's a happy house or whether you need to turn around and run for the hills!

  5. You immediately sense that something is wrong in a situation. You don't know how you are sensing it but your gut is telling you it's wrong. LISTEN!

  6. You have quit watching the news because you obsess on it and it affects your mood and wellbeing.

  7. You can tell, even over the phone, when something is wrong with a friend or family member. Many people discount this and say that our voice tones change. While I agree with this to some extent, that's not all it is.

  8. You literally pick up on others' moods immediately, before a word is said. You just want everybody to get along. You are probably a peacemaker (and it probably wears you out)!

  9. You obsess over circumstances of injustice and spend a great deal of time trying to fix a situation, even when this injustice does not affect you personally. You have a very deep feeling that you are more than your country's citizen, that you are a human first; thus, you are a true citizen of the world.

  10. You have been called over-sensitive by many in your life.

You need to know if you are an Empath so that you can turn this sense down when you need to. Have a relative you are dreading seeing (don't we all)? Do you find yourself overwhelmed in crowds?

Don't fret! Empaths make our world a much better place! My next post will teach you how to turn your Empath abilities down and how to lead a normal life!

If this post resounds with you, please share!

If you would like individual instruction on how to use your empathic abilities, please see my Mentoring Sessions. You can choose from three months to a year and I can help you to move forward in your growth.

Until next time.....

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