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Need Help Meditating?

Do you suffer from "monkey mind"? That is, are you constantly trying to concentrate during meditation but you suddenly remember a bill that needs to be paid or a proposal from work or even your kid's ballgame? I hear you! Many of us have problems meditating, especially in the beginning!

The very first thing you need to do is get anything bothering you off your plate. Pay that bill, start the laundry, make that call. Do all you can to be in a place of peace then find a spot in your home or even outside where you will not be distracted. Try to sit in a position that lets your feet or your tailbone touch the ground and sit straight. As the picture to this article shows, an ideal position is sitting on the ground where your tailbone area (root chakra) can connect directly with Mother Earth. Some of us can't sit like that. If that applies to you, sit comfortably with your feet on the ground and be sure your tailbone is as straight as possible. This helps in connecting. Start breathing in and out at the same rate. Be conscious of your breathing. It also helps many to station their tongue at the top of their mouth. Sounds crazy but it works! your mind wandering?

When my mind wanders, I take the issue that's bothering me, mentally tie it to a helium balloon and let it sail away. As issues come up, I acknowledge them then set them free in this way. Another thing that I do is to picture myself in a clear cube. As distractions present themselves, I picture them outside my cube (while, inside, I am peaceful and calm). Whatever comes up gets pushed outside the cube until I am still. I have even played a sound machine in the background that is repetitive but kept me from hearing things going on outside my space. If you don't have a sound machine, you can find all kinds of sounds on YouTube. Some of the ocean and rain soundtracks go for hours!

One of the biggest helps I have ever had came from guided meditations. It is so easy to put one on and let your mind just follow it. I have pinned all of my favorites over on Pinterest in my Guided Meditations board. You can find guided meditations all over the internet, especially on YouTube.

Try one and let me know how you like it! I can't wait to hear! If this post resonates with you, please share!

Do you need help learning, or exploring, your spiritual growth? You might benefit from a Mentoring Session.

Until next time....

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