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Can I be a Christian and spiritual?

Are you concerned that you shouldn't be learning how to become spiritual? I had the nicest conversation with a young lady who is terrified of opening up to Spirit because she is being advised not to, even to the point that she asked if it was evil. I understand. I really do.

Having been brought up in a traditional protestant Christian home, I had to really examine my beliefs and understanding of God, Jesus, and spiritual awakening as well. I asked this young woman if she would mind me repeating our conversation here and she has graciously allowed me to do so. It begins below.

I was talking to my friend about doing it (having a reading) and she said no way should I. That it's specifically in the Bible that we don't talk/communicate with people who have died. She said bad things will come of it. What do you say to people who say things like that? I want to try it, but if it really says not to, I'm not sure I can do it.

I would never ever tell you to go against your faith or your heart. I was raised Southern Baptist but became a Methodist once I reached adulthood. As I have grown on my journey, I left the Methodist church and went to the Unity church. I have searched my entire life for a place that believes like I do and haven't found the exact one yet. I understand the fear surrounding this. Have you read my website at all? If not, I urge you to.

The reason I became a professional medium was because I believe that religions put God into a tiny box. God doesn't fit in that box. There is so much more to your life than that tiny box. Who gives me the gifts that I have to use in this lifetime? God!

A lot of this will depend upon how you see the Bible. I see it as a textbook that helps me to live my life in a godly manner. I do believe the Bible is the inspired word of God. I also see it as imperfect because it was written and organized by man. The Old Testament gives no rights to women. Thank God that the Apostle Paul wrote letters to the churches and gave women our rights and the respect we deserve. The Bible is the best we have right now here on earth but I do not believe every word in it because I believe that man and religion have manipulated it.

Jesus tells us that in his Father's house there are many rooms, and if it were not so, He wouldn't tell us that. Jesus doesn't say we're not allowed to communicate with those inside those rooms.

God gives us so much to help us to grow to our full potential. He gives us our very own Guardian Angel who is with us from the second we are created, through every single incarnation. He gives us our very own Spiritual Support Team just to help us navigate this life. If God gives us these things, if God gives us the ability to communicate with Spirit, how can it be wrong? I venture to say your friend believes in Angels.

My understanding of God, and everything I know about God, is that He does not deal in fear. Fear is a learned response. Fear kept the masses in check when the church wrote the Bible. Fear still keeps the masses in check. My God is not an angry God. He is a loving Father. Do we disappoint Him? You bet. Does He strike vengeance upon us? NO! My God is the exact opposite of fear.

This is my calling. To introduce fearful people to their Spiritual Support Team, to mentor them as they grow spiritually and to help hurting people connect with those they've lost. If that feels evil or wrong to someone, then I certainly respect their right to not partake of any of my services.

I tell you, you cannot imagine the full life our Creator has in store for you! You cannot imagine the joy of connecting with your own Team every single day to be able to live life to your absolute potential! Maybe you shouldn't try connecting to a deceased person at this time but would do better getting to know your own Team! Stay in this realm until you are more comfortable venturing further, if ever.

Read my website and draw your own conclusions. Read my blogs. See if they resonate with you. Do not let your friend, your family, or anybody else squelch something you may feel called to do. On the other hand, if you believe that it is wrong for your journey, I totally respect that. Either way, I applaud you for being open enough to look at your options! (End of conversation.)

Until next time...

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