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Connecting With Your Guardian Angel

This is one of my very favorite subjects! Once you connect with your Guardian Angel, so many doors will open for you! I connected to my Guardian Angel by asking nightly for connection. I want to stress that I asked for connection. I did not pray to an Angel. We do not worship Angels. We only worship God, Our Creator.

Your intention needs to be heartfelt. I might try something like, "Guardian Angel, I know that you are here with me. I know that God created you just for me. I want to connect with you. Please come to me while I sleep." Do this every night. It may only take a few nights, it may take many, but your Angel will come. Mine woke me up! I do have to admit, it kind of scared me at first but he immediately put me at ease and, again, I had gone to sleep with the intention of him coming so I knew who it was.

Once you make contact, ask their name. Clear your mind as much as possible and ask them to put their name into your head. If you hear or think a name, ask if that is it. They will clarify for you. I have to tell you, I believe they give us names that we can understand and relate to. Names are not important to Angels, only souls and their energy. We are known by our energy in heaven. So don't be surprised if your Angel's name is something like Claire or Ethan. It will be something that you are comfortable with.

Ask your Angel how you can communicate with them. I speak to mine daily but it took me a long time to understand his responses. Some people "hear" in their head, others just "know" the answer. There are many spiritual gifts and we can definitely figure out what yours is. For right now, though, you want to be able to communicate with your Angel. In the beginning, for me, I asked for a confirmation of yes or no to my questions. You have to get really creative in your questioning but that's how I began. My husband began speaking to his right off the bat. That did not come for me until about a year later.

If you are want help meeting your spiritual support team (Angels/Guides), you might want to consider booking a Reading or a Mentoring Session today!

Try the method above and let me know if it works for you! If this post resonates with you, please share!

Until next time...

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