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What Is a Ghost?

Have you ever wondered about that? What exactly IS a ghost? I used to be terrified of ghosts. I had begun seeing Spirit as a young child and it scared me to no end. It never occurred to me at the time to ask why they were showing up, it just scared me that I saw them.

I was always known as the scaredy cat in the family. What nobody knew, except my sister, was that I was afraid because I saw things that frightened me. I was always teased about not watching horror movies or liking haunted houses on Halloween.

I wish I'd known all those years ago what I know now. Ghosts are people.....dead people. That's all. They still look the same (except not as solid). All the ones I've met are dressed in the type of clothing from when they were alive. They're not scary. Most of them are confused.

In my experience, a ghost is a spirit that has chosen not to pass on. As I have learned more and spoken with them, I have learned that there are many complex reasons a person might not go on. Sometimes a person is afraid of judgment. Maybe the person was so angry about dying that they aren't even aware they're dead. Perhaps they didn't understand that their Angels were ready to take them forward.

I can hear you asking, "Hey, what about the bad ones?" Okay. We are talking about people here. I think all of us know some people who aren't nice. If they weren't nice in person, they're not nice yet on earth either. They haven't learned their soul lessons yet because they haven't passed on. That doesn't make them evil. There is a big difference.

Is there evil energy on this earth? Yes. I think we all know that. Are you protected from it? I know that the One I believe in protects me as a father would protect his child. I am betting you are protected too. If you are concerned about it, I wrote two blogs that might help (Why You Need Spiritual Protection and Getting Spiritual Protection).

The ghosts that I have physically met have wanted to move on. That's the only reason they came to me. They just didn't know how. I was blessed in helping them to go forward. Did God and the Angels know they were stuck? Yes! Nobody is ever lost. Part of their soul journey included time here, wandering, for their specific reason. When you are going to live for eternity, wandering the earth for decades isn't as long as you'd think.

Instead of being afraid of a ghost, imagine how you might feel if you were a wandering soul and didn't know how to move on? I've only met one grumpy ghost and she had every right to be angry. Everyone else I've met has been very nice and truly polite. They just needed a little help.

I've written many blogs about ghosts. I would urge you not to fool around with one unless you are a professional. There is no reason to open that door unless you understand how to close it. If you are having trouble with a ghost, tell them to move onward. Do not ask, tell. If you are still having problems, contact me.

If this post resonates with you, please share!

Until next time.....

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