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Can I REALLY talk to your pet?

Before I learned how to communicate with animals, I really wondered if it could be done. I mean, how do you prove it?

Our pets and all animals are on such a higher energetic vibration than us humans. They have no hidden agendas, they aren't trying to impress any of us, they aren't concerned about keeping up with the neighbors.

The first time I spoke with an animal, I was stunned at how clear he came through! I was able to get a clear picture of his personality so that I was able to describe him to the family that wanted to hear from him. Sure enough, they were positive I was talking to him and I was too! I was hooked!

Since then, I have been blessed to speak with countless pets, both living and passed. You might be wondering exactly what a pet reading entails.

Pet readings can:

  • connect you with your passed pets

  • help you to communicate a need or concern with your living pet

  • help you to identify the cause of a behavioral problem

  • help you to learn the history of your adopted pet

  • check to see whether a shelter pet would be a good fit for your family

  • help your dogs and cats to get along better

  • help you to find out what happened to that pet from long ago

  • confirm for you that your pet really is in heaven

Pets have souls, just as humans do. If someone tells you different, they have not connected with them. Our pets, many times, came just for you! Most pets have purposes and their appearance in your life is no accident. Think about the times you've seen a pet with someone and known that pet made life worth living for that person or maybe that pet drew that person out of their shell.

Did you know pets understand just about everything you say??? I have had a pet tell me exactly what was wrong with them, verbatim, straight from the vet's office! Wondering what your pet does all day? One of the funniest conversations I ever had was with our indoor/outdoor tomcat. I asked him to show me where he went when he was out and away from the yard. Well, you can imagine how I felt when I was hitting all kinds of grasses, climbing through some grapevines, running into all kinds of stuff! It never occurred to me he would show me where he goes from his viewpoint! I had no idea where we wound up going because I couldn't recognize any of the landscape from a foot off the ground! All I could do was laugh!

When I speak with one of your pets, they may be very long-winded or they may be short and abrupt. Each animal is different. Most pets don't speak that much but they do love you and want to communicate with you. I spoke with a cat who was so tickled her family had wanted to check on her in heaven! Once her spirit connected with me in my study, she didn't want to leave. I had to ask her three times to go! She was curious about what I did and wanted to hang around and watch. I finally told her I couldn't read anymore with her in the room since her energy would affect any other animal I was reading. As soon as she understood that, she was happy to go back to bird watching in heaven!

Many of you may feel your passed pets with you. If you are feeling your pet's presence, know that they are probably there. A pet can check in the same way that humans can check in. We lost one of our miniature dachshunds. The first six months, she followed me all over the house, just like she used to! I would physically see her. A few times, my husband and I even heard her excitedly bark! She still pops in occasionally! Our other miniature dachshund passed the next year. She has never come back. She's so happy in heaven that she told me she would be waiting for us! I would love to hear if any of your passed pets ever check in with you!

If you feel inclined to speak with one of your pets or even a prospective pet at a shelter, please check out my website. I would love to hear from you!

If this post resonates with you, please share!

Until next time...

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