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Why You Need Spiritual Protection

The earth is full of Spirit. Some are earthbound spirits and are wonderful to get to know (trees, stones, bodies of water, etc...). Others are lower spirits that have decided not to pass onward. There are many reasons for this and they can become quite complex. I have helped some of these ghosts or disconnected souls to move onward to heaven.

Others are not ready yet. Some examples might be a husband who wants to wait for his wife to pass, a person that died a quick and shocking death sometimes isn't aware that they are really dead, some are afraid of judgment so they refused to pass when it was their time. These disconnected spirits have not ascended and, as such, are not of the highest vibration. They are people but in a different form. If they were nice here on earth, they are still nice. If they were not nice, they haven't changed. Some of them can be mischief makers. You don't want to be bothered by that, do you?

If you are reading this blog, you are no doubt growing spiritually. As a child of the Light, you will emit your own Light. We are one with God/Creator/Source and His Light will shine through us even more the closer we become to Him. We become our own little lighthouses, so to speak. When this happens, disconnected souls can become drawn to you. This is NOTHING to be afraid of. It's just that you are shining and they want to see what that's all about. Most of you will never even feel a ghost nearby. The ghosts themselves are not used to people seeing or hearing them so it's usually as big a surprise to them when someone senses them as it could be for you!

You can click here to learn more about protection. You never ever have to be bothered by anything not of the Light. God has provided a way for you to have even more protection each day.

Do you need help learning, or exploring, your spirituality? You might benefit from a Mentoring Session.

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