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Mother Earth: We Have a Symbiotic Relationship

Hello, my loved ones. I have been feeling so many of you lately. There are natural disasters going on in our world today and it distresses a great deal of you. I thought it might help you if we discussed it.

I have been here long before you came. I have evolved many times over the millennium. While all of these recent happenings have deeply affected parts of me, I am all right. Truly. I would ask you to release these struggling thoughts of me and concentrate on all that is going well.

So many of you are working hard to care for me, from recycling to my cleanup, many of you are trying your best to support me and I feel every single bit of it! Thank you. Thank you for recognizing that we are partners in your lifetime. As you walk upon me, you are dependent upon me and my environment for the quality of your life. We have a symbiotic relationship, you and I. Many of you have recognized this for some time. Your efforts are now helping others to wake up and recognize this as well. Thank you again.

Know that I am accustomed to natural disasters. I will not only survive but I will thrive, thanks to your ongoing efforts. I will be here for you, even to the point that I will be here for you when you return, again and again and again.

I will be your constant. When you come again, I will recognize you again by your energy. You and I will be together for a long time and that makes me very happy. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I love supporting you in your journey.

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