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Why I Love Feng Shui

Feng Shui has changed my life and the way that I relate to my home and our land! This ancient Chinese practice has taught me so much about how I live on a daily basis and how I use my energy as well.

Before I began practicing Feng Shui (Fung Shway), I gave very little thought to how the energy moves in my home. I loved and cherished my home but I didn't have a clue as to how the energy MOVED throughout it. Once I began studying this ancient art, it became clear exactly where the energy was stuck. As soon as that was apparent, I made haste to improve the situation.

You see, at the elementary level, anywhere we have clutter, energy is stuck in that area. In Feng Shui, your home is divided into 9 areas or baguas (bogwahs).

Each of these baguas represent areas in your life -

  1. Career

  2. Health

  3. Fame

  4. Skills & Knowledge

  5. Family

  6. Prosperity

  7. Helpful People/Travel

  8. Children

  9. Love/Marriage

When I looked at where the stuffed closet was in my home, I realized something really important. It was in my Helpful People/Travel area. I had been complaining to my husband for months about how we don't travel enough and also about how I was not getting help in specific areas from friends and family. Are you kidding me???? I promptly cleaned this closet out. We went on a trip two weeks later. While on this trip, people came out of the woodworks to help me, over and over again! I received gifts from people during this trip. These were strangers that I did not know who told me they felt moved to give me these things. Once home, friends and family started volunteering to collaborate with me on specific projects.

Let me tell you something, I may be stubborn but I am a firm believer in energy movement. Those Helpful People/Travel blocks were cleared from cleaning one closet. Seriously!

I have loved Feng Shui so much that I have been studying it for some time. I am now ready to practice it professionally. I am an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultant. I intuitively assess your home and use this ancient Chinese practice that helps you to harmonize with the energy of your land and home. You would be astonished at how your life can change once you implement fixes and solutions that will help your home and land to synchronize with your energy!

If you are experiencing problems in any of the above areas of your life, think about allowing me to help you! Changing your home really does change your life! I teach classes in Intuitive Feng Shui, both online and in-person. Hope you'll think about joining me!

For more information on how I can assess your home locally, please go to my Services tab on my website. I can also assess your home by distance although it will take some work between us both in order for me to see it all. Each assessment comes with a detailed Bagua Map of your home and of your land. You will also receive an 11-14 page report with detailed explanations of cures and fixes.

While this is a complex science, it works! I can help you learn how to use it for your benefit!

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