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ArchAngel Michael: Daily Rituals Are Key

I would like to speak with you today concerning your energy. Do you ground and protect on a daily basis? I do not ask this lightly for it is a ritual that all should be doing on a daily basis. Yes, daily. Why? Because you are living a life where you are exposed to so much energy. Not just people’s energy but energy from EMFs, radiation, media, work, traffic, I could go on and on. Have you ever thought once about how all of this energy bombards human beings in this century???

When you were first created, there were not near as many distractions or obstructions. You were so busy working to survive that you had very little leisure time. Today, in the modern world, you work but also experience leisure time at the same time for many of you. You quickly check in on cell phones, you listen to music while on your way to a work-related task, you talk to the person in the office next to yours and get bogged down in office gossip. So much drama, so much going on all the time.

By grounding and protecting on a daily basis, you literally protect yourself in a tangible way. When you ground with Mother Earth, you are acknowledging your relationship with her while strengthening her bond to you. She will hold you down when your head is getting stuck in the clouds. Yes, she will help you to keep your wits about you when your mind is racing down channels where you cannot stop it. When you protect with Father God, you are calling down White Light to strengthen and protect you. This is your birthright! Why wouldn’t you be calling down God’s White Light on a regular basis???

If you are struggling through the day, begin to practice these two rituals. They are critical for your health and they will also make a huge difference in connecting with Spirit. It is hard for most of you to connect when your vibrations are too low. Ground and protect and it will automatically lift your vibration! Try it today.

If you have questions about this, ask Lacey. She teaches this in her first series, Living a Life Of Intention. It is the cornerstone to good Spirit communication.

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