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Suffering from Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor Syndrome begins when you are afraid someone will figure out that you don't know as much as they thought you knew. You are worried that someone will think you are a fraud. Many of us suffer from this and, what's worse, is that we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by it!

I was recently teaching one of my classes when the students started asking me to write more. What? I already have three full six-week courses but these students are close to finishing the third and they want more. I told my husband, "I don't know more." He looked at me and started laughing. "Really, I truly don't." Again, even more laughter. Well, maybe I do.

I was asked my opinion about something spiritually recently and I gave it but followed it with, "I'm not an expert though." Really? I've been studying this for years. I have thousands of hours of study in every area of my interest in Spirituality. Do I still have much to learn? You better believe it! I would be afraid of anyone who said they had nothing to learn spiritually BUT I do feel more versed than many. Does this make me an expert in my field? There are those who would argue that is not possible. Does that make me an impostor? Absolutely not!

I was the mother of a disabled child. I fought battles that only those who have had a disabled child can understand. Nothing was easy. It was uphill all the way. I was even a member of the card-carrying and supportive group The Mothers From Hell (for mothers of children with multiple disabilities). Does that make me an expert mother? No. Does that make me a knowledgeable mother in the field of what my child's needs were or what was worth fighting for? You bet!

When are we going to give ourselves permission to OWN our knowledge? When are we going to quit worrying what others think? You have no idea how much I have had to deal with this. As an Angel & Guide Communicator, I have NO way to prove that what I am telling anyone is true yet God steps in and Source makes sure that my people understand their readings and my teachings. Why? Because I am doing the best I can with the gifts I have. I am trusting God to do the rest. I don't have to worry if someone doesn't believe in my skills. They are not my tribe. Creator brings those to me who need me and need direction.

What are you continually second guessing yourself about? Is there something you need to let go and own? Can you give up your fear of Impostor Syndrome? I would urge you to look hard at that which holds you back from owning your knowledge. False modesty never helped anyone grow. If you believe you know a topic and have done your due diligence in learning all you can about it, believe enough in yourself and your capabilities to own your knowledge and experience. If you do not respect yourself and your true value, who else will? You are reading this post today for a reason. Reevaluate and give yourself credit where credit is due! And so it is!

Until next time.....

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