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Dragonfly: Notice the Little Things

How I love Dragonfly! They have been around for approximately 300 million years. While most people delight in their beauty, you might not know that they can eat hundreds of mosquitoes a day. Dragonfly is actually one of my Guides. The full story about that is here. I find many are fascinated by these winged creatures and thought it would be fun to connect with the species itself.

When I connect, I always speak with a representative of the species and a living member as well.

Representative of Species:

Thank you for calling us today, Lacey. We are happy to be here with you and all of your readers. Many don't know what to think about our species as we are usually in the background. You have to notice us to even see most of us; as our bodies are not that large and our wings are the main thing with color, if any.

We are here to help humans to notice the little things. It is only by seeing the little things that one can fully understand Mother Earth and all God's creations. It seems that we can get your attention quicker than the living things below us. Once you see us, you begin seeing the little garden snakes, the ants, the worms, and all other even smaller life forms that are moving below your feet silently. We draw your attention down and that is a good thing.

Dragonfly is a beautiful fierce creature as you know! We are the helicopters of nature. We have strong jaws. We patrol our areas. We do not flit as butterflies. We are designed as a machine and it does us great good in accomplishing our goals. We are able to quickly hunt and get in and out of different positions. We are proud of our nimble bodies and love being noticed and admired for them.

My message to your readers today would be one that you yourself have received from Spirit before, Lacey. Notice the little things for there is where life is at its best. I mean this in every area. If humans could notice the little things in nature, they would work harder to preserve them. If humans could notice the little things in their life, they would find great satisfaction within themselves for it is hardly ever the big things that make a life. It is all those little things. The little arms reaching out for you, the little smiles that greet you as you come in the door, the way a loved one reaches over to you in bed, the support that a coworker gives silently behind the lines. All these things are easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of your lives but they, these little things, they are the things that MAKE your life. And so it is!

Living Member:

Hello, Lacey, I am here! I live in Indonesia where I have the joy to live around a little pond, teaming with life! I am here to greet you all on behalf of my living relatives here on this Earth. We love it here, absolutely love it! We relish each new day as it rises and we make the most of every day as well. So, too, do all of the beings around my little pond. We have so much life here. We awake to the sounds of birds. This is one of the reasons that dragonflies are so fast and nimble so that we can avoid those beaks. We sleep to the sound of frogs. Although both these animals can wreak havoc on dragonflies, they are a part of our world and, as such, are welcomed here. We are all symbiotic. We do not worry about life or death. Yes, we avoid flying right into death but our kingdom is aware that it will come yet we do not spend time dwelling on it. We trust that Creator will provide meals for us as long as we are healthy and able to fly. We trust that we have time to live as we want to live. I believe that is a lesson all beings can profit from. Don't you?

I honored both dragonflies for their messages today. Much to ponder here.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal or an insect, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

If you are interested in seeing more of my wild animal communications, please see my Wild Animal & Insect Reading Index.

Until next time.....

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