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From ArchAngel Michael: Growing Spiritually

Hello, friends. As we look to the new year, what are you planning to do to grow spiritually? Have you given it any thought? I hope that you have.

Father and all of us on this side of the veil want nothing more than to be in communion with you. What would that mean to you personally? What could you do to grow closer to our Lord?

This does not have to be a formal training, per se. Perhaps you feel closest to Creator when you are in nature. If that is the case, perhaps you could plan to spend more time in nature this next year. You could set a goal to challenge yourself to be outside more. Maybe you would rather find a place of sanctuary in your own back yard or on your patio. Whatever it means to you is fine. Just find a place.

Perhaps you need to find a teacher. There are so many and the internet has taken away any physical constraints on this process. If that's what you need, plan now to start looking to find one. Ask for Divine assistance for guidance to a teacher that will help you to grow in ways unique to you. We will provide but you have to look!

Maybe you need a fellowship. Lacey has a FB group, Granbury Area Lightworkers, and you are welcome there. There are four teachers on the site that teach weekly right here on the internet. You do not need to live in the area to belong. Perhaps you need a fellowship in person. There are churches and other organizations that would welcome you. Start looking now.

Find ways to cherish the urges of your heart. Ask for help. That is why we are all here! We hear you, whether you hear us or not. Be open to changes that God will bring into your life to help you find your place. We will talk about this more in the coming weeks.

Know that you are cherished. Know that we are all here to help you to accomplish your goals. Know, above all, that you are loved beyond measure.

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