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And So It Is!

When I first became spiritual, I would hear the phrase "and so it is", over and over again. I flat didn't understand what people were talking about. As I began to open up more and more, I started taking responsibility for my own thought and action. I realized that, while I cannot control actions around me, I can always control my response. With this knowledge also came the wisdom to understand manifestation and how I could greatly affect my immediate surroundings by my thought and attitude.

When you see the cup as half empty all the time, you are surely predicting your own outcome. We all know people like that. They see the worst in everything. The same goes for seeing the glass half full.

When you see every opportunity as a growing experience, it changes and rocks your world. You can let a flat tire ruin your day or you can ask yourself what there is to learn from the experience. Perhaps it is to slow down. Perhaps it is meeting a new person as they help you to fix the tire itself. Perhaps running late saved you from another worse accident.

As I thought about this phrase, "and so it is", I began to see the difference my attitude and thoughts were making even when I was praying. I have always ended a prayer with "amen" yet I was recognizing a very distinct difference in my dialogue with God when I would end a prayer with "and so it is". You see, when I say "and so it is", I am also taking responsibility for the end result. "And so it is" implies, to me, that I too am responsible for how something is going to end or even begin. "And so it is" tells my Universe that I am ready to receive. It is SO much more than a phrase.

I believe now that "and so it is" is a confirmation of the lifestyle that I have chosen to live. I no longer am waiting for the other shoe to fall. I am no longer waiting for someone else to make a decision so that I can get on with my own life. I wait for no one and I have the confidence of leaving fear behind to take fearless steps towards creating my own future! And so it is!

Do you need help stepping out in your world? Do you need encouragement to leave fear behind? Contact me through my website, Perhaps a spiritual reading would help you. I also mentor people every day, helping them to find exactly who they were meant to be, stepping forward in confidence in Spirit and themselves!

Until next time.....

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