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From ArchAngel Michael: Spirituality & Religion

I would like to speak to you of spirituality. Many of you struggle with being spiritual while following your own religious tenants. This is a very real dilemma. I want you to know that spirituality is very different than religion. Religion actually has nothing to do with spirituality. Religion is a practice. Spirituality is a living and growing relationship with creation.

Please understand that I am in no way judging religion here. I am trying to help you to understand the value of spirituality. Spirituality is organic and is constantly striving toward a working relationship with all of creation. There are no boxes in spirituality. There are no rules either. This makes many people highly uncomfortable as religion is full of rules but that is the beauty of spirituality.

Religion is man-made and that is fine. Many things on this earth are man-made. Spirituality has grown in popularity because people are being called to have a living relationship with God on their own terms, not anyone else’s. This, too, is fine. Whatever brings you personally closer to Creator/Source is fine. I realize, in saying this, that many people will be uncomfortable with that statement but I tell you it is true. Your Father in Heaven created you and wants to have a personal relationship with you. Whatever way you can find to meet Him is a good thing. Whether it be by religion, by spirituality or by a combination of the two, any road to God is a good road. It is important that you remember that because it is why we are here (the Angels). We were created by Him for you. We are here to assist you in your journey. We carry no judgement nor is there ever a reason to fear us. We are here solely to help you get closer to Father.

As I speak to you in the weeks and years to come, remember that. All creation is here to help you to get to know your Lord better. It is our express desire to lead you to Him.

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