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A Lightworker is any person that uses the energy of the Creator to heal, to see, to discern.  How many times have you felt alone in your spiritual journey?  How many times have you looked for an alternative healer and were unable to find one?  Your search is over!  This group is all about bringing spiritually open people together in community within the Granbury, Texas, area, respecting all belief systems grounded in Light and Love!  While our focus will be to bring like-minded people together in our immediate area (30 minutes from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex), all are welcome!  Our site is different because all of our teachers are local.  We are approachable.  We live in this area too and make our homes here. 


Granbury Area Lightworkers on FB


The goal of this FB group is to help like-minded people find each other (with occasional physical meetings).  Local teachers will staff the FB group and will publish teachings on a daily basis.  Area events will be publicized as will upcoming classes of the teachers of the Granbury Area Lightworkers’ site.


The reason we have begun this site is because we know there are many out there who are searching. Part of being a Lightworker is the search itself.  You are open to hearing about beliefs and modalities that are outside of the box.  You know there is more out there than what is traditionally taught.  This will be a safe site for you to explore and ask questions.  This will not be a site where people talk about dark practices or anything associated with it. 


As a Lightworker, you are conscious of God/Creator/Source's Light and energy.  You crave time with our Maker and are excited about learning how to connect more with the heavenly hosts and Mother Earth as well as learning new ways to care for yourself.  We believe our site will offer you a well-rounded educational opportunity.  We also strongly believe it is important to find like-minded people in order to grow and move forward.  We are hoping you will join our group and participate as we all move forward, together.  


We can't wait to get to know you!


Lacey Camp, Spiritual Medium & Teacher

Connecting you with Spirit through Angels, Guides, deceased loved ones, and living or deceased pets.

Classes, local and internet.  Mentorship programs for private education.  Reiki II healer.  Available for public speaking.

Lacey Camp, Spiritual Medium, on FB and YouTube



Stacey Dolan - Healing Works

Healer and Life Shift Specialist. Passionate about helping clients overcome the effects of stress and trauma to live healthier happier lives.  Offering QNRT (Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy), BrainTAP and doTERRA essential oils. Free consultations available.   Oil classes ongoing in Granbury.

healingworkstx on FB and Stacey Dolan on YouTube



Summer Dawn, Heartfelt Crystal Blessings

Professional energy worker providing Crystal Healing, Primus Activation Healing Technique, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Reiki.  These modalities are used for deep relaxation, helping you achieve a healing meditative state for emotional and spiritual growth, balance, and relief.  New crystal store opening in Granbury this winter!!!

Zen Den Crystal Blessings on FB



Cameron Hitt, Qigong (pronounced cheegong)

Local teacher and passionate practitioner sharing the healing and transformative practice of the ancient art known as Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ).  Using gentle movement, mindful meditation and powerful sound vibrations, WHQ is a practical method that produces profound results.  WHQ allows you to harness your own personal power to transform your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience.   Classes ongoing in Granbury.

Qigong in the Hood on FB




Come join us!!!

Granbury Area Lightworkers on FB


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