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Using Chimes & Alternatives to Clear Energy

Sometimes we need alternatives as we smudge and clear energy in our homes and on our person. I do house blessings for some of my clientele and many do not want to smell white sage in their homes but they really want old energy cleared from the space.

Clearing energy is ALL about intention. You can use so many things to clear energy. Man has been burning white sage for many years but the other methods I am going to discuss will work just as well.

One of my favorite ways is through sound. You speak your intention. You can word it any way you like but I will give you an example. "Sending all negative and lower energy that no longer serves me out of my home. Welcoming in all Light and love from our Creator." I found a wondrous little set of chimes that are guaranteed to stay in tune. Here is the link. I begin by striking the lowest chime and going all around the room, up and down at doorways, into the closets, and up and down at windows. When I feel I have cleared the room, I then strike the other two chimes while verbally declaring it clean.

Another way to cleanse your room is quite literally with your mind. Visualize lighting your white sage, speak your intention, and quite literally visualize moving through the room with that white sage. I had an emergency contact from a client one time. They were stuck visiting in a home with an antique mirror that was holding some hard energy. It was really bothering my client and her small child. She was unable to change bedrooms during this stay. I suggested she use visualization and go through the room, smudging the old energy out, just as if she were carrying burning white sage. It worked! She wrote to me later and said that the entire visit changed for her.

I urge all of you to believe in yourself and try visualization at some point. Believe in your own power and in your relationship with God. As His child, it is your birthright to be able to clear yourself and your home of energy that no longer serves you. Use your power and your connection to the Divine to do just that!

Many times we forget how powerful we are. It is wonderful to use tools while performing spiritual practices and rituals; however, there will be times when either a tool is not available or you need an alternative. I am a firm believer in smudging but alternative methods work just as well. I frequently use this method when doing a house blessing for clients. If you are interested in this service, please contact me here. Your house can be blessed at any time. You don't have to wait until you move to a new home!

You might benefit from reading my first blog on clearing energy as it goes into detail about HOW to do this important ritual and has tips on where to smudge and places that we frequently forget!

Until next time..........

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