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Expect a Response!

When did we quit expecting a response from God/Creator/I AM? When you pray, meditate or just converse with your Maker, do you expect to hear back? Honestly, do you? My question today is WHY wouldn't you?

Why did we quit expecting? When you were a child and prayed, you truly expected a response, didn't you? It never occurred to you that you were not special enough or important enough to connect with the Creator of the Universe! You were not put off by the power of the Almighty because it never occurred to you to think about it. At some point, though, somebody told you that God wouldn't answer you back directly. You believed them.

It's one thing to have respect for God. I certainly do. What I am trying to address today is when we quit seeing God as our Father/Mother/Parent. When you go to your earthly parent, do you go expecting them to love you and think about what is best for your highest good? Do you go to them for advice? Do you go to them for help? Do you think twice before going to them or calling them up? If you have a good relationship with them, I would doubt that you do.

You know I believe in speaking and conversing with Spirit, both living and dead. If God loves us so much that He surrounds us with Angels and Spirit Guides (our very own spirit family), why wouldn't He love us so much that He would be directly available to us? I don't believe any of us can fathom the love that our Creator has for every one of His children.

I know many people who have a loving and active relationship with God/Creator/Source but they don't go to a religious institution. Now, there are many who would think that would be impossible. There are many who would jump to say you must attend formal religious services in order to be at peace with God. I tell you that all I know about my Father is that He comes to each of us right where we are.

Is it humbling to talk to our Creator? Yes, it most certainly is. Is it scary? It can be. Is He there for me when the world has turned its back? Yes. I have learned that I can always call upon God. He doesn't care what Name that I use for Him. He doesn't care about church attendance. He doesn't care about my gender, my race, or my station in life. He does care that I come with an open heart and, yes, I now expect a response! I don't mean that I am expecting an answer to prayer, I mean that I am having an open dialogue with my Father. I don't mean that all my prayers are answered because sometimes they are not. Either way, I have an open and active relationship with my God.

You can too! All you have to do is ask. That's it. It's that easy. Just start talking to God and see if you don't hear an answer. Expect one!

Until next time...........

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