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Tarot Cards Are Your Friends!

Having come from a very strict religious background, I understand why you may be hesitant to use Tarot Cards because I used to be too! The first thing to understand about Tarot Cards is that they are only a tool! That is correct! If you only work with the Light, you are only going to receive messages from the Light. Cards can be a marvelous tool to help you cut through your mind's chatter and get straight to the heart of the matter.

I am teaching a Learn to Read Tarot Intuitively class this month. I know how to read Tarot and greatly enjoy it. It has been my privilege to teach many others to read these cards intuitively, without using book meanings. They are able to look at the cards and intuitively receive the answers to their questions! You can too! Some of my students have gone on to read professionally!

If you are afraid of these cards, ask yourself why. Are you giving the cards themselves too much power? We can all choose how we use tools. We can use them poorly or we can use them to build. I encourage you to use Tarot Cards to build your connection to Spirit. If you are concerned, please watch my video concerning discernment.

If you are having problems connecting with Spirit by yourself, Tarot can help bridge that gap for you. I would never urge someone to just get a Tarot Card deck and start using them because there is a way to use the cards. You need to clean them before using them. You need to understand what you are looking at.

Some people read Tarot completely by the book. They look up or memorize the card meanings and use them to decipher messages. That is not how I read. I read Tarot intuitively, allowing Spirit to show me what the message is with each card. One card may mean one thing in one reading but something completely different in another reading. I see only as Spirit directs me is needed at that time.

I can teach you how to use these cards and receive messages for your highest good. This may be just the step you need to grow spiritually! Let your fear go and take back your own power! Tarot may be just the thing you've been looking for!

Until next time...............

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