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Bee: We Are Vital Partners

This was an interesting conversation. The collective representative came across as very wise and ancient. The individual bee seemed very young. You will even notice a striking difference in the vocabulary. It was very interesting that the individual bee felt needed and seemed to feel a direct connection with humans in their area. Not so with the collective.

Are you aware that bees are the only insect that produces food eaten by man? Honey is the only food that has every ingredient needed to sustain life. That is so humbling to me. They can fly for up to six miles at 15 mph. Bees do a waggle dance when going back to the hive that literally shows other bees where a good source of nectar is located, in relation to the sun! How can we ever take these little beings for granted? Without bees, we would have no crops or flowers for they are our pollinators. Our world revolves around bees and we need to protect them!

When speaking with another species, I always ask to speak with a representative from the collective as well as an individual. I do this because, many times, they each have very different messages. Such was the case when I spoke with Bee.


We share this planet. It has been a wondrous home for all of us! Humans do not seem to understand the intricacies of our connection. Our Creator intended for us to have a symbiotic relationship.

Mankind has broken covenant with us. Newer more profitable herbicides and fertilizers are killing us. My kind is no longer able to differentiate between what is nutritious and what is now poison. Plants that were always safe are becoming toxic.

Mankind has the ability to stop this. We are partners on this planet. It is only through working with all species that we all have a chance.


I asked where this bee was located and they told me they live in Malaysia.

I am so happy to be here! I love my home and I love my family. We are blessed with an abundance of flowers and fauna. It is our pleasure to help pollinate all that we can touch. We are vital partners with the people living around us!

Isn't it amazing that our Creator has put so much thought into His creation? To think that every insect has their own thoughts and their own family connection. It is a wondrous world we live in, friends. Let's all remember that we share it with others and respect each and every life on this planet.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal or insect, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

Should you be interested, I have spoken with many wild animals and insects. A comprehensive index with links to individual blog posts is here.

Until next time.....

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