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Ghosts aka Disconnected or Earthbound Souls

Most souls ascend as soon as they die but there are those who do not. I used to be really afraid of ghosts - really afraid. That's before I opened up spiritually and finally learned what a ghost is and why I could let my fear go.

A disconnected soul is what I call a ghost. They are a spirit who has chosen not to ascend. There are many complex reasons for this. I allude to them in a previous post, What Is a Ghost?

I am contacted by disconnected souls who are ready to move on. Why am I contacted? I am told that they see my Light and come to me for help. These are some of the reasons I have been given.

They don't know they are dead. They genuinely don't know. They were killed suddenly (as in a car wreck, etc...) or their brain just can't acknowledge that they are dead. Some are too frightened to pass over because they are afraid of the hell they were taught about in their religion.

"I wanted to wait for my spouse to pass."

"I was afraid of judgment." Sadly, this happens.

"I wanted to watch over my loved one (child, spouse, friend)."

"I was too angry and refused to leave." Many times, there are good reasons to be mad. Maybe they just weren't ready to leave. Maybe they were angry about being sick.

"I didn't know those beings were Angels."

"I was looking for (person in an accident with them)."

There are so many reasons and most are quite complex. What you need to know is that there is help for disconnected souls when they are ready to ascend. I know other mediums who are approached by them. For me, I make sure they are ready to go. Once that is established, I ask them to pray with me. Once the prayer starts, things move very quickly. I feel them lifted from this earth, physically.

It's important that you know that ghosts are the exception. They are a tiny minority of souls that have chosen not to move forward, regardless of the reason. Ninety-nine percent of people move straight forward into the afterlife.

I know God always knows where we are, whether with Him or not. I know a disconnected soul's Angels and Guides always know where they are, as a matter of fact, they come to pick them up when they are finally ready to go. The thing to understand here is that you have free will and even God doesn't impose upon that. When you have eternity with Him, wandering around for a while here really isn't that long! God is always there for you when you are ready to come home!

If this post resonates with you, please share!

Until next time.....


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