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My Experience with Angels

I've worked with Angels for years now and there are some things I have learned during this time that I think you would be interested to know.

1. Angels have never walked this Earth. They were created by God as Beings, not humans.

2. While human beings put Angels into hierarchies, the Angels themselves do not. ArchAngels are not above other Angels. ArchAngels serve humankind as a whole. Other Angels interact more with individuals on a personal level. That being said, ArchAngels, at times, interact with us as individuals as well.

3. Angels want to be our helpmates and to support us on our journey.

4. An Angel's love is unconditional. It is more than we can imagine. Angels never judge, ever, and they have no ego.

5. Angels consistently give the glory to God. They constantly keep us pointed in our Creator's direction.

6. Angels are readily available. If you call, they will hear you!

7. Your Guardian Angel has been with you in every incarnation. Although they may present as male or female and even without gender to you, they have been with you every time you have walked this earth!

8. An Angel is mightier than you can imagine! They work directly with God. I have not found anything on this planet stronger than an Angel, in my experience.

9. Angels can appear in many forms, including human and animal forms. Angels never want to scare you. They will appear in the form that is most comfortable for you, including race and gender.

10. Angels minister in many ways. You can ask for and receive Angels for specific tasks such as healers, warriors, and communicators.

I have written two blog posts you might be interested in, Connecting With Your Guardian Angel and Speaking of Angels.

If you are interested in connecting with your Angels, you might enjoy either a Reading & Guidance session or a Mentoring session with me!

If this post resonates with you, please feel free to share.

Until next time.....

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