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Hi, my name is Lacey Camp.  I am a Spiritual Medium and Teacher that connects others with their Angels, Guides, and living or deceased pets!  I teach spiritual classes, local and online.  Maybe you are not comfortable in classes or want more individual attention.  I also offer a mentoring program to help students reach their fullest potential.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I intuitively assess your home and use this ancient Chinese practice that helps you to harmonize with the energy of your land and home.  You would be astonished at how your life blossoms once you implement changes that will help your home and land to synchronize with your energy!  Let me help you to make these changes!

I grew up in a traditional Christian home that didn't have room for spirituality.  I have been seeing Spirit since I was a small child.  As an adult, I finally recognized my gifts and began my exploration, eventually learning and understanding that God doesn't fit into a tiny box.

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While I read and teach locally, I do a great deal of my work by distance: email and online.  Spirit knows no boundaries and I am easily able to connect long-distance.  My distant readings will include a two-five page written report for you that will contain your Angel and Guide messages or your living or deceased pets' message for you.  Dependent upon the reading you choose, you may ask questions of your spiritual support team or your pets (or both).

Should you prefer a reading in person, you can book that directly with me.  I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  If we are too far apart but you still desire the personal connection, we can book an online appointment.


I have been called by God to use my skills to help those who would be helped.  I am not here to convert anyone.  Please know that I respect and honor others who do not believe exactly as I do.  I firmly believe, in the end, we are all one.  Allow me the honor of helping you on your journey!

Contact me to learn about my local and online classes!  CLASSES REGISTERING NOW!
I can connect with your pets, living and deceased! 
I can also help you with behavioral problems!
I have 5 different types of readings to help YOU!
Want personal attention to help you grow?
Ask me about FENG SHUI consultations!
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