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Dream Bigger!

I think kids have this down pat! They know no obstacles, no practicalities. If they want something, they don't understand that it may not be possible. When did we lose that wonder? When did we begin to hold ourselves back???

I realize that we all get disillusioned in life. We all have to grow up. Our life situations many times demand that we become practical. All of that being said, when did we start dreaming small??? Have you ever thought about that? Are YOU dreaming small?

Who delivers your dreams? I know that I try myself to take actionable steps towards my dreams and ambitions but, really, who is in charge? When I dream small, I am limiting God, the Creator of The Universe! Now, say that, "God, The Creator of the Universe" in your best Tom Hanks' voice, with your arms out (remember the Castaway scene where he made fire?)! God is the one who delivers my dreams. When I limit them, I limit Him! When you start looking at your dreams in this way, you raise the bar. I mean, I'm thinking there's no limit for God. What do you think? If I can take my baby steps here on earth to prepare the way, why can't He step in and mow down my obstacles???

I don't know about you but I am learning to dream bigger!

Until next time...

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