Self-Care in Tough Times

This is a tough time, emotionally and physically.  I don't know anyone not under a great deal of stress.  It's times like these that we cannot forget Body!  We covenant with our bodies for this lifetime.  We are in partnership with them and now is the time we need to pay attention to them.  (You will note that I refer to Body, Brain and Heart as I would an individual here because I connect with Body and also with my organs.  When I do, I call them by name.  I do this out of respect.)


What are you doing differently now for your body?  As a Reiki Healer, I am receiving Reiki daily during this time but you don't have to be a Reiki Healer to take care of yourself.  I will be mentioning quite a few essential oils in this post.  I am a doTERRA fan but you can use what you currently have.  I want to take you through my daily ritual during this time in the hope that it will give someone else some ideas of how better to care for themselves.


The number one thing I do for myself right now is to get outside.  Whether this is walking my yard or walking my neighborhood, it is important now to be connecting with Mother Earth and grounding on a daily basis.  It is hard to stay depressed when you are surrounded by birdsong and new growth!


Every morning, I put one OnGuard essential oil drop on the soles of each of my feet.  OnGuard is like the oil that the thieves used when they robbed the dead during the Bubonic Plague.  OnGuard (frequently called Thieves Oil in other brands) is a blend of oil to support your immune system.  When I am doing this, I connect with Body.  Now, you may not be able to hear your body but it still behooves you to ask, "How are you feeling today?  What can I do to support you?"  If you are following my blog, you most certainly are trying to grow spiritually.  Trust yourself that you will get a feeling about this.  Trust your body to try its best to connect with you.  My body has been in an anxious mode lately.  I put one drop of Zendochrine essential oil on top of each kidney (I literally place a drop on the spot on my back where each kidney is located).  My Endocrine System loves this.  It helps my adrenals to calm down.  What if you don't have Zendochrine?  Try Lavender.  It's a very calming oil.


After that, I have been looking towards my crystal bracelets.  Sodalite is the number one bracelet for me when I experience anxiety.  It is a great helper!  I also am enjoying wearing Amethyst for clarity and Carnelian for continual gentle healing on this journey.


As I go throughout the day, I pay attention to what I am feeding myself, both nutritionally and emotionally.  I burn incense I like and even put on some more essential oils to create the environment I enjoy.  I burn Hem Prana incense because they are my favorite and lift my mood quickly.  I make sure to open windows in our home so I can continually hear that birdsong and air out the house too.  I have smudged my home and cleared its energy.  I watch what is happening in Brain.  I listen to what is going on inside my head and make sure I have replaced negative subconscious messages with ones that support me.  I have been singing a new ditty that was shared in my FB group, Granbury Area Lightworkers.  My friend, Wade, passed along this song sung by Allison Davies (to the tune of Mama's Little Baby Loves Shortening Bread).  I don't sing this song out of worry anymore, I sing it daily to connect with Body and to reinforce my positive thinking.  What a gift! 

“Every little cell in my body is healthy,

every little cell in my body is well.

Every little cell in my body is healthy,

every little cell in my body is well.

I’m so glad, every little cell

every little cell in my body is well.

I’m so glad every little cell

every little cell in my body is well."


At night, I add the OnGuard again to the soles of my feet before going into a Reiki healing where I send Reiki to our entire planet and to every individual, without exception.  I feel these two words change my world, "without exception".  I pray profound health to every human being on this planet, without exception.  This is healing Heart too.  Without exception means that I don't stand in a place of judgement for any human being.  I love everyone, without exception, regardless of their beliefs or where they are at in their personal journey.  Perhaps that is the greatest healer of all!


In this uncertain time, it is so easy to lose patience.  To throw rocks.  To cast that first stone at anyone different.


When I send them Reiki, later that night, I realize the uncertainty, the denial, the greater plan that  I don't understand.  I love them all, without exception.  Maybe that's where I was supposed to be all along.


Until next time....

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