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Feng Shui: Garage Entry Door Help

How many of you never enter your home through your front door? I know that we don't! We pull directly into our garage and come straight inside. That gave me pause recently. I decorate our front door. Our front porch is SO welcoming! Why wasn't I decorating our garage entry door? Weren't we worthy enough to be greeted too??? Seems I thought it was wasted effort because only my husband and I would see it.

If I've learned anything during my spiritual journey, I have learned to honor myself. Why wasn't I honoring this entry? Who cares who sees it if it makes me happy? If you use your garage door all the time and enter your home through the garage frequently, why aren’t you decorating there and making yourself more at home the second you step into your house??? This is a really forgotten area yet it can set the tone for our entry into our sacred space!

I’ll use my garage door into my laundry room as an example. Please note that, in Feng Shui, your home is divided into 9 areas or baguas (bogwahs). Each of these baguas represent areas in your life - Career, Health, Reputation & Fame, Skills & Knowledge, Family, Wealth & Prosperity, Helpful People/Travel, Creativity/Children, and Relationships/Love & Marriage.

I wanted positive ch’i (energy) movement through my garage entry door. Since this door is directly in my Family bagua and I needed more green because that is the main color in Family (think growth), I found two verdigris finish dragonfly magnets and put them both towards the top of my door. I also actually decorated the wall right beside the door with a forest picture. That forest picture is even framed in green wood! I then painted a distressed white Welcome Home! sign in green letters and I hung that above the door. Those green letters sung Family to me. My Grandaddy worked for Sinclair Oil (whose green dinosaur and letters always make me smile). My Daddy worked for a trucking and freight company whose colors were all green. Seems like green is a part of my family! Let me tell you, that corner of the garage SINGS! I love pulling in, seeing my Welcome Home! sign. The energy greeting me as I pull into my garage now is absolutely wondrous!

I don't care if you live alone, make the entry to your home ahhhmazing! You are worth every bit of effort you can put into this entry. Let your first thought, as you approach this entry, be one of safety, comfort and support. Your home should nourish you. Your home should greet you with open arms. Do not neglect an entry, even if it is through your garage. Wouldn't you feel better coming into the door below instead of a dingy forgotten entry?

Props to my great husband for painting the entire garage sparkling white while I was going through this process. That's a big deal because the rest of our interior is mostly a beautiful warm butter yellow. He was ecstatic about white, anywhere! What a lovely difference to pull into a cherished part of our home! Our garage is sparkling and clean and the entryway into our home reflects all of that. I truly lose the weight of the world when I look at that sign because I always laugh! Grandaddy would love that!

Need some help with Feng Shui? I am an Intuitive Feng Shui Consultant. I can come to your home, do a detailed Feng Shui inspection, and help you to achieve your dreams while learning how to work with your home and property's energy. I also teach Intuitive Feng Shui classes, online and in-person. Until next time...

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